Sky Wireless Connection

  leed 17:49 10 Jun 2007

I have just purchased sky broadband which included a netgear DG834GT router. I purchased a Netgear WG111 v2 wireless usb adapter to go wireless. The computer connects to the internet when wired direct but when i try the adapter i cannot log on. The wireless signal just says scanning. It has found the sky router but it never actually connects. Ive disabled the security so i dont think its that. Can anyone help me please? Im on Win 2k and slowly losing the will to live.


  daxian 08:49 11 Jun 2007

hi leed...
firstly ....are you wanting to use just one pc on the broadband ???
if so then you will first of all, have to set up wired, so that you can do all the configurations to the router...not really a lot to do as its a sky router (username and password are already set on a sky router) ...once you have a successful connection with an ethernet wire, disconnect ethernet from pc or router and plug in the usb adapter allow windows to set it up and you should then get a connection then need to login to connect to the router (if you have setup the wpa protection ) using the key on the side of the router ...or on the card that came with the router.
if you need to make any changes in the router always revert to wired to do them you will find wireless will lose the connection and you will not be able to complete the changes .

hope this helps ...Dave.

  ^wave^ 11:18 11 Jun 2007

as above you need to be connected by wire and then setup the wireless network give it a name and then plug in the wireless adapter with no security set you should be able to look at the wireless conections in the control panel. you should beable to connect.
was there a setup for the usb adapter

  leed 12:30 11 Jun 2007

Hi, thanks for the advice, there was a set up for the USB adapter which i followed to the letter. I used the key on the side of the router and it accepts it okay but then still wont connect. I tried it using no encryption (better than nothing) and it still wont connect. Im on windows 2k so there is no wireless setup in the control panel that i can see. Do i need to access the router to change a setting or something? Ive accessed the router and browsed around the settings but ive not altered anything yet. Ive also got internet access when wired. When the adaptor tried to connect i get something like --.--.--.-- which i understand from the instructions means its connected to the router but theres a problem with the router.

  ^wave^ 08:33 12 Jun 2007

you should go to network setup you should see your usb wireless adapter there click on it and it should give you a window where you can see it properties and see the connections near you

  Zidane1980 21:25 29 Oct 2007

The network key is case sensitive, make sure you've got caps lock on when you enter it

  Smegs 13:52 31 Oct 2007

Hello Leed.

Not sure if your still having problems on this subject.

I'm a member of this site, click here

You may be better going there to get your answers. It's all for(as the title says) SkyUsers, not just Sky TV, but Sky B/Band & Telephone. You will need to sign up to post anything.

I have the same set-up as you, and all I did was to plug the WG111T into my wifes Laptop, Xp picked it up, pumped the code in, and away we went.

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