sky vs Tiscali

  EFC1878 21:28 25 Dec 2007

I am currently with Bt for my Broadband and phone and am interested in lookingat the 3 in 1 SKY deals to see, surf and talk. However a friend of mine told me tales of woe of people who have had trouble with SKY BB and he recommends Tiscali with whom he has had no problem.

I have searched on the forums and seen a couple of old postings about trouble switching but would like to hear from people who have recent experience of swapping to Sky.

Also anybody got anything to say about Tiscali?

  alB 21:39 25 Dec 2007

click here ...alB

  EFC1878 21:45 25 Dec 2007


Thanks - if that is the right word - for poiting me to the foreum site. It does not make for good reading and has not instilled confidence in me to switch.

Out of interest who are you with?

  tullie 21:51 25 Dec 2007

I have been with Sky for some time now with no problems

  Dipso 21:51 25 Dec 2007

Out of the two I would choose Sky, no contest. However, make sure you can get the Base, Mid or Max connections (i.e. the services that use Sky's equipment at teeh telephone exchange) NOT the Connect (using BT's equipment) as that seems to be problematic.

  MAJ 22:03 25 Dec 2007

All ISPs are going to have their horror stories, it's a fact of life I'm afraid. At the moment I am with Tiscali on their 2Mbit connection and I can safely say that I have never (to the best of my memory) had a problem with it, it has operated without fault for 100% of the time that I've used it (as did my 1Mbit, 512Kbit and 256Kbit connections before that).

So why am I changing to TalkTalk?

I want to upgrade my package (my line will support a down speed of 4.5Mbits/s), plus, I want to dump BT as my phone provider because I don't like being charged extra if I don't pay by direct debit. Tiscali have an atrocious record when upgrading users to the 8 Mbit package I like, so I got my MAC number from them and am now waiting on my connection to Talktalk on Jan 8th.

You pays your money and you takes your chance.

  alB 22:54 25 Dec 2007

At the moment I'm with Tiscali but not for much longer, it has to be said that when it works it's good but I'm afraid to say that much of the time (for me anyway) it's hopeless, I'm on the 2meg package and if I go on early in the morning or late in the evening I get a reasonable speed, unfortunately I want to use it of an early evening and the speed slows to a crawl, complaints to Tiscalis help and support are a joke (they blame everything but themselves). I've humoured them by doing all the tests they suggest, turning off firewalls, a/v etc, (I've also been told once that I needed to re-install my operating system). At the end of the day I think they just have too many people using their bandwidth so some people will suffer. ...alB

  2neat 23:54 25 Dec 2007

I changed from Tiscali to Sky several months ago.
Cost £5 pm & has been fine so far!
Tap your number in at Sky to check you are in the Sky supported area. Good luck.

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