Sky TV + telephone connection.

  Cymro. 10:48 25 Feb 2007

I have always had my Sky digital TV system connected

to the phone as instructed to do by Sky. We were

redecorating the other week and forgot to reconnect

Sky to the phone line. This seemed to make no

difference to our TV. Sky however say that we should

always be connected to the phone system,

something to do with receiving updates to our

digibox. I am rather of a mind to not bother

reconnecting the digibox to the phone line this

time. Do you think it really matters very much if

we connect or is it just something that Sky want

us to do for their benefit. Are you connected?

What difference does it make? I also think that

the less things we have connected to the phone

line such as extensions etc. the better it will

be for our Broad Band speed etc.

  Meshuga 10:59 25 Feb 2007

If your Sky equipment is over one year old then you can please yourself whether you have it connected to the phone line. The only problems arise if you use their box office to book films etc to watch since they contact your digibox via the pne line to chech what you have watched and charge you accordingly. I understand that they do that on the 27th of each month, usually late at night, I found that out once when I noticed the small "telephone" symbol on the front of my digibox was flashing and investigated. Your phone doesn`t ring so you dont know it`s happening.

  Meshuga 11:01 25 Feb 2007

Sorry about the spelling, pne=phone, chech=check.

  Cymro. 11:05 25 Feb 2007

Thanks for that. I will probably disconnect from the

phone line as I never use the Sky Box Office service

anyway. I will hang on before marking this as

resolved just in case there are any more suggestions.

  Fingees 11:11 25 Feb 2007

As said, after the first year, there is no contract to leave the telephone connected.

I disconnected mine from the skybox five years ago.
No problem.
It was only a sales gimmick, so you could order advertised products over the phone line via your sky box, hence the initial 12 month contrct if you got your box free.

if you paid in full for it though, you did not have to connect to the phone line

Hope this helps

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