sky tv bought hd box with card,card is still activ

  frankie 20:27 03 May 2008

sky tv bought hd box with card,card is still activated,so i can get all movies hd channels etc,bought this local,chap very genuine,he sold me the box with card,i plugged it in too my amazement was still activated,i was only expecting the free to air channels,should i tell the chap as he may still get billed or let it ride?,he sold it because he is now in listed building and cant put dish up,surely sky would have cancelled this card?surely he told them before selling?in a quandry but want to do the right thing,

  MCE2K5 20:30 03 May 2008

Sounds Stolen to me.

  frankie 20:45 03 May 2008

thanks for your response,but i know where person lives,he,s in his 60,s,as i said in listing very genuine chap,but yes see your point if he was a chav i would have said same,think loaded and daft spring to mind,going to ring him and see what he says in morn,if stolen surely sky would have cancelled,card/box?.

  SB23 21:00 03 May 2008

Even if it is genuine, the chances are that he's going to have cancelled his subscription once he's sold the equipment, so at some point the card will stop giving you the channels.
Speak to him and see what he says, then speak to Sky.

  DieSse 21:54 03 May 2008

You surely cannot buy a box off someone you know in their 60s and not tell him the subscription is still running - if only to remind him to cancel it, or to check with Sky that his cancellation has been activated.

We both know that that is just not right.

  frankie 22:47 03 May 2008

just got his wife,they cancelled sky,0n 25/4/08,cancelled d/d on 01/05/08,she said she will phone sky tomorrow,as is not right,didnt think it was but shows people should check before selling,will post back out of curiosity see what sky is up too,by the by hd box not all cracked up too be keeps freezing.

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