Sky Router is not recognied by home PC

  ShaunJames 16:28 14 Aug 2007

I recently decided to upgrade to Sky Broadband. All was well during setup until the router port light would not turn on. The phone line conection etc is all ok its just the port lights on the router. I tried plugging in the ethernet cable into ports 1 and 2 and both lite up, meaning the router simply isnt being recognised/accepted/allowed by my PC. i assume that all drivers are installed as per the disc so i really do not know what the issue is. Thanks in advance for your help Shaun.

  brundle 16:29 14 Aug 2007

If you're referring to wireless connections the port lights don't come on for that.

  Tim1964 16:36 14 Aug 2007

The router doesn't need drivers as it's connected via ethernet. The disc in fact does nothing but install IE7 and Macaffee AV (which you won't want as free AV progs are available).

Reset the router by pressing in the reset button on the back (with power on) for about 20 secs. Then type click here in to the address bar of your browser.

It should ask for the username and password which will be "admin" and "sky" these are the defaults when the router is reset. You should see the settings page. If not post back.

sometimes the whole set up needs rebooting. PC off/router off/phone unplugged and then phone in/router on/PC on should do the trick. If not you may have firewall settings causing the problem.

  ShaunJames 19:22 14 Aug 2007

Thanks fo your help. I reset the router and attempted to access the web page mentioned but i could not connect and the port lights were still not showing. I opened my network places the Local Area Connection 2 was showing as cable not connected. I checked and it isnt a faulty cable i just seems the PC will not recognise the router!

  teknikz 20:23 14 Aug 2007

i had the same problem , the exact same problem infact and it was the ethernet connection on my pc which was broken, have you tried replacing the ethernet card on the pc?

  Tim1964 23:41 14 Aug 2007


Is there a laptop you can get hold of to try? This will then prove if the ethernet connection on the PC is faulty or if it's the router itself.

  ShaunJames 08:50 15 Aug 2007

Thanks - i can get hold of a laptop to try this so i will let you know if this is successful or not. Also i will take a look at a possible new ethernet card for my PC and if neither work then im stumped

  ShaunJames 16:10 15 Aug 2007

Right, i tried took the ethernet cable i was using and linked it up to a working system here at work and it was all fine, so my only guess based on the info is thats its the ethernet connection on my PC. The router, phone line etc is all working perfectly so this has to be (i really hope) the problem. I have ordered a new ethernet card and a friend is borrowing me a USB to ethernet adapter - so if i use this working adapter it should (in theory) all work right?

  ShaunJames 10:46 16 Aug 2007

Really quick - if it is indeed the Ethernet port as suggested would a USB adapter or new Ethernet card be a better option? Thanks you all so much for this

  Tim1964 16:15 16 Aug 2007

A new network card would be the better option. It does, of course mean opening up the PC but it's a 2 min job.

  ShaunJames 09:32 17 Aug 2007

You guys are amazing!I am online (first time since March!!) and i now totally understand the situation. I have found out that i do not have a LAN network card, i wasnt aware of this until i fitted the new Ethernet port. The ports i had were infact fine - they just simply couldnt work due to there being no LAN capabilities in the PC. The simple solution is a USB-Ethernet adapter which enables the internet to run perfectly, or you can fit the LAN component - but the facts are my broadband provider were completly in the dark about this as were many other 'experts' and it was such a simple explaination. I really want to thank you guys so much for your help without it i wouldnt have found the solution!

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