sky plus saved programs transferred to pc

  lonemascot 13:08 10 Jun 2007

i understand there is some sort of encryption on a sky plus hard drive that prevents a pc from playing a saved file. but is there a way to copy the file to a pc and burn it to a dvd and play it back in the home cinema player?

basically my mate has prison break season 2 saved on his sky plus box. he has run out of space but wants to keep what he has previously saved. how can it be backed up and played on a normal dvd player?

cheers guys

  rodriguez 13:21 10 Jun 2007

Taking the drive out and plugging it into a PC is out of the question - the recordings are saved with heavy encryption (I think it's VideoGuard, which is what the programmes are originally broadcast) and can only be played by a Sky+ box. The 2 main options are to connect it to a DVD recorder and record it that way, or connect it to a video capture card in the PC and do it that way. Make sure you have the quality set as high as possible to make sure you don't lose any quality.

  lonemascot 13:29 10 Jun 2007

by capturing via a video capture card will i need any particualar software other than the one that gets supplied with the card?

secondly, will i have to do it in 'real time' or can i speed the capture up so that it won't take days to do?

  rodriguez 13:38 10 Jun 2007

The software that's supplied with the card should be alright, if it doesn't have the option to burn to DVD then another program such as NeroVision (part of Nero 7) can do that. It does have to be done in real time as it's just like recording it onto a video.

  lonemascot 13:51 10 Jun 2007

well theres about 22 hours of recording and i don't think i can be bothered to 'real time' record all of that.

is there anything that can be plugged directly into the sky plus box and copy files from it. like another sky plus box, hard drive recorder or dvd recorder?

  rodriguez 12:45 11 Jun 2007

The only way is to copy it "real time" - using video cables that can be plugged into a PC, hard drive recorder or DVD recorder. Sky+ hard drives have a different filesystem than PC drives and are heavily encrypted, so it doesn't allow the faster method of file transfer. I've never taken the hard drive out of mine, but I think it's "locked" in a similar way to the Xbox drives - the firmware in the box has to "unlock" the drive as it spins up, which means when you connect it to a PC it's still in it's locked state and can't be read. There is a program called Copy+ (click here) which is designed to copy Sky+ hard drives if you upgrade it, but this just copies the raw encrypted data from one drive to another so it still isn't copyable to DVD.

  lonemascot 19:32 11 Jun 2007

alright. its basically a no goer then. cheers for the help buddy.

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