bevbailey 10:49 07 Feb 2008

I use pop3 for email. My email incoming server is my hosted domain name one, and my outgoing is connected when I signed up for Sky broadband.

Everything has been fine for months, but now I have just noticed in the last few days that my outgoing emails which should come from my own email address [email protected],are instead showing as '"[email protected]"; on behalf of; [email protected].

This is unacceptable - I don't want people getting confused about what my email address is. I have spoken to Sky who say they are updating something, but one of their 'superusers' says that it will now always show up as 'on behalf of' from now on.

Is there anyway around this...their only helpful suggestion was to sign up to hotmail!

Please help!

  johnnyrocker 10:59 07 Feb 2008

i doubt it as your isp is responsible for how your mail address is displayed and their suggestion of web based like yahoo, hotmail etc appears to be your only option unless someone knows different.


  octal 11:06 07 Feb 2008

It sounds like it's time to change who hosts your domain name if sky are going to hijack your email like that. It almost sounds like they are piggybacking some free advertising using your email, cheeky devils.

  mikecantab 10:23 13 Feb 2008

Sky tell me they have just suspended their SMTP for use with other domains. This is without notice and very poor practice. Apparently there has been heavy commercial usage which they want to put a stop to. They did not say that this was temporary. They suggested I Google to find a free outgoing server! Any suggestions?

  bevbailey 15:11 13 Feb 2008

I've found a solution and it was easier than I thought. My domain names and hosting company (and therefore my email addresses) are handled through I called them and they simply sold me an SMTP outgoing server service (very cheap). Now they are my outgoing server and I don't have to do anything with sky except continue to get their broadband service which is fine. Thank you to everyone who tried to help - much appreciated!

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