Sky Netgear router problems

  Andanotherthing 10:36 30 Apr 2007


The Sky netgear router I have can only pick up the internet downstairs at the bt socket. Can the signal be bosted so I can conect to the router upstairs where I use the comp -then I could use a lan cable to connect?

Other woes include I can't connect wirelessly to this router as my lancard used to pick it up but doesn't now. The new comp - Medion - is running Vista Home Premium. My son can pick up the router fine on his XP machine using a bt voyager 1010. Even though I have also installed one of these successfully - Windows Update worked wonderfully here! - neither it nor the lan card can see the router. A long cable up the stairs sees the router via another lan card the comp has - but this is dangerous!! Any help either getting the router upstairs and still seeing the internet, or the wireless problems would be appreciated! Thanks

  Dipso 12:54 30 Apr 2007

If you can't get a connection through an extension it sounds like you need to check out your phone wiring. In particular if you have the unecessary wire 3 the ring wire cnnected.

Have you downloaded the latest driver update for the wireless card from Medion. click here I did this and it solved some problems for me.

  Dipso 12:54 30 Apr 2007

Sorry meant to include a link about the wiring click here

  Andanotherthing 14:08 02 May 2007

What is the 3 wire thing of which you speak? Medion doesnt seem to recognise my serial number - but I will work on that. Have found out that a friend who has Tiscali ADSL had exactly the same prob -only saw Internet at BT entry box. He had to use a copper rich cable to port it upstairs.

Thanks for the help site - I did have the microfilters right - its just that the box cant see the Internet anywhere but downstairs at BT entry point....gernashh!!

  Dipso 22:21 02 May 2007

Which Medion model do you it the 8822?

Re- the wire thing. Basically you only need wires 2 and 5 connected to your extensions, any others are unecessary and can cause interference which can lead to problems like you describe. You need to remove the extra wires from all extensions i.e. both ends to get the full benefit.

  reddwarfcrew 23:45 02 May 2007

take a trip to click here there is a lot of useful info there on how to get the best from your sky router.

  Andanotherthing 08:55 03 May 2007

Dipso - it is the 8822 - Medion help explained you have to put a '1' in front of the serial number to access drivers. They also said that dropping wireless connectivity was an issue because routers were not configured for Vista and to get the latest drivers for the router. (Apparently the wireless card works ok for a while then stops). Oddly the driver version that came with the Netgear router (DG834GT) is a lot later than any on the netgear website for this router.

Reddwarfcrew -thanks for the link -part of the problem is that Sky help does not support Vista yet so this website might be useful!

  Andanotherthing 16:08 03 May 2007

Have got a dedicated phone socket wired upstairs now just for the router and it is fine -so it is lan- cabled in. Thanks for all the help -next the tweaks on the Sky forum I guess! Thanks both!

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