Sky Netgear router

  Aaron-188486 09:10 26 Sep 2007

I've just received my Sky wireless router. The basic set up of my network is thus:

My computer (running Vista) is in my spare bedroom but my phone connection is in my kitchen so I have plugged the router in there. My computer has a wifi adapter to pick up on the routers signal.

I installed the router, linking it to the ADSL switcher, plugged in my telephone and switched it on.

I then went into my bedroom, switched on the computer and vista immediately located the Router. I keyed in the SSID and away I went!

(I should mention at this point that the broadband connection isn't live as yet so I'm not expecting to connect to the internet until my connection date of the 28th Sept.)

I wanted to check the security settings of the router where I went through the network and sharing centre part of Vista. I right clicked the router in the centre and selected properties. I went through the security options and it was on WPA personal. I thought I'd try the WPA2 personal option. It asked me for what I think is the network key, but the one I have isn't working, so I have now lost the connection from my comp to the router, it's saying the settings on the computer doesn't match the settings on the router (and yes I have tried resetting the router to no avail. I contacted SKY and the guy I spoke to was a chocolate teapot, so I'm stuck.I'd love to be able to remove the router settings and reconnect it as a new router but vista doesn't appear to have any way of doing this.


  Aaron-188486 09:17 26 Sep 2007

In addition I should mention, I attempted to change the settings on the router via my IP address as advised by the chocolate teapot, but because I haven't got a live broadband connection as yet I can't access it.

If I could start a fresh and reconnect the router as new I would be happy!

  T0SH 14:31 26 Sep 2007

There will be a pin hole size hardware reset on the router, the manual should tell you the location and the how to use it ,once reset back to factory defaults you can start over from the begining again

Cheers HC

  Ashrich 00:12 29 Sep 2007

Don't reset the router , unless you know all the settings , just connect to it via an Ethernet cable and type in to your browser ( think that's right for Netgear's ) and you can change things from there , or of course you can find in Vista whrer you changed the settings to WPA2 and go back to just WPA . Open Network and Sharing Centre and go to Manage wireless networks , double click on your connection and under the Security tab you can change it back .


  Aaron-188486 08:52 29 Sep 2007

Thanks Ashley. I hardwired as advised and I found I changed the setting from TKIP (the default for sky broadband) to AES. That was the only problem. But many thanks all of you! great forum as usual.

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