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  AFoxyLady 17:29 30 Dec 2009

J have recently moved over to Sky broadband. I have a desktop computer running Windows XP and a new laptop running Windows 7

Previously I was with BT Broadband with an old laptop (XP), and using a D Link Airplus Xtreme G Wireless router, I was able to access the desktop, and use the laser printer that was attached.

Printer is still on the main desktop, and printer sharing is allowed as it was before. Now I am on Sky, I cannot get the D Link router to work, and was wondering if the Sky router which I use as a wireless connection for my new laptop, could be utilised as a wireless router to access the printer.

Is this something that can be easily achieved? I access the internet using the wireless access on the Sky router, and even use my Nokia Music Express phone if I want to download from the BBC I Player site.

If it is too difficult and settings need to be changed much then I will leave alone, it would just make life easier if I could access it direct as I previously did!


  mgmcc 08:39 31 Dec 2009

Your Home Network should work just as well with the Sky router for "File & Printer" sharing as it did previously with the D-Link. Just try plugging the desktop PC into the new router and see how you get on. The sharing settings in the PC should still be valid for the new connection, although if using a third-party firewall such as Zone Alarm, some tweaking may be required to accommodate altered IP addresses.

  AFoxyLady 11:37 31 Dec 2009

Hi Mgmcc

Thanks for your help - I am running Bullguard and so will chek what the settings are.

On the laptop (running Windows 7) if I go to view "Network" I can see Computer (1) TessaHPACLAP and Network Infrasturcture (1) BskyB DG934G Router.

On the main desktop when I go to Network Connections I can see three different "set ups"

A/Dial Up - With two items both saying disconnected

B/Internet Gateway - Which says Internet Connection, connected, internet connection

C/LAN or High Speed Internet - This I am guessing is the important one and it has four items.

1/With a red cross Local Area Connection 4 Network cable unplugged Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter
2/ Wireless Network Connection, connected Wireless PCI 802.11b/g adapter
3/ Local Area Connection - with a yellow triangle , limited or no connectivity, Realtek RTL8138/810x Family
4/ 1394 Connection Connected 1394 Net Adapter

What settings do I now have to go and check?


  mgmcc 12:13 31 Dec 2009

You're actually looking in different places in the two computers. In Windows 7, you are looking in "Network", the equivalent of XP's "My Network Places". In XP, you're looking in the Network Connections folder.

In XP, forget about the Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) and the 1394 Adapter (Firewire) as neither of these is used for your home network.

If you are connecting the XP PC by ethernet cable to the router, the Local Area Connection should get its IP address from the router and shouldn't have the "Limited or No Connectivity" indication.

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) and then at the prompt type...


...and press Enter. See if that gets the correct IP address for the adapter, which will almost certainly be a 192.168.x.x address. (At the moment with "Limited or No Connectivity", it will have a 169.254.x.x address). You can check the address in the Command Prompt window by typing...


...and pressing Enter. This will show details of all network adapters in the PC.

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