sky HDbox problem

  gibfish26 11:51 24 Sep 2009

hi all,
when i switch my sky HD box on in the evening normally around 6 o clock along with the tv etc,after approx 1-11/2 hours i loose picture and get the no signal message on screen the sky box does not respond to the remote and green light is on,on the box.i have to switch off at the mains wait around 30 seconds and switch back on then it is normally ok,but sometimes it will do it a couple of times.i have all my equipment plugged into a surge protector so 1 click of a switch turns everything off,i dont leave anything on stand-by.before i switch off i wait a couple of minutes or so for the disc to stop spinning.anyone else have this problem.thanks.

  BRYNIT 12:18 24 Sep 2009

It sound more likey loss of signal. Check the cables from the dish are tightly connected to the Sky box, sometimes when you clean around the TV etc the cables become loose. If the cable at the sky box is loose remove and check that the center core is still intact. Check the cable in/outside for any type of damage and check that the cable is securely connected to the dish.

If the cables are OK it could be the LNB or the box.

  ^wave^ 13:58 24 Sep 2009

how old is it if its under a year get sky back to fix it

  gibfish26 16:42 24 Sep 2009

^wave^thmpson box is 2 years old.BRYNIT all new top quality cable and connectors fitted last year and all connections are ok.midgetninja thanks for link had a good browse through threads,seems to be a lot of possible causes,psu,s,capacitors new box,s etc, and also the fact that a lot of people only got problems after the new EPG was installed,this got me thinking has i installed new EPG about 3 months ago but my problem only started about a week ago.thanks to all.

  eedcam 18:48 24 Sep 2009

Also check here
click here

  morddwyd 19:40 24 Sep 2009

Any chance your surge protector has actually been triggered and is now operating in "unprotected" mode?

  reddwarfcrew 23:15 24 Sep 2009

Chances are it's the standard PSU problem.

Satcure do a kit to replace it.

click here is also a good place for all things sky.

I have replaced my PSU, easy enough to do.

  gibfish26 13:18 29 Sep 2009

hi all,problem seems to be sorted i found a loose cable on the splitter that i have in the loft.we had the loft insulation upgraded and it looks like the cable had been caught.redone the connection 4 days ago and it has been ok since.thanks.

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