sky hd retune & d/loading 'items recorded on h/drive'? help please?

  styxmarx 19:49 06 Aug 2011

At the moment I have sky + hd, but I am out of my contract with I barely watch the movie channels...or msny of the others...but I have a HD Movie Package...I don't have sports..If I cancelled my subscription with Sky...would I continue to receive the 'free to air' channels...or would they just cutoff my sat dish? Also, I have some programmes on the hard drive box, would they be lost...or as I recorded them whilst paying for the channels, would they remain on the Hard Drive? Would I still have access to the EPG? would I have to 'retune' to receive the 'free to air' HiDef channels ie.BBC HD? Is there anyway I can d/load the items stored on the Skybox to my pc..if so...what kinda cable would I need to do this...sorry there are so many queries here, but I am housebound & don't know anyone else to ask? wanna donate my 'subscription fees' to a good cause! I am pretty pc savvy..despite being an old crone..ha ha! But to be honest, other than to reconnect the 2 hd wires which were never connected properly by the installation engineer? I can't say I've ever looked at the back of the bloody thing! I find it hard to get up/down to 'business end' as i'm disabled...& an old crone..I have included my email here, so if someone would take pity on me...pleeeze? perhaps email me the answers? I don't usually use forums...cos I waffle on & on & I know that's not the 'done thing'...! So if somebody could let me know if I have a me a link to your 'kind reply' I would be 'eternally grateful'! Thank you all for your time..sorry about the 'waffling'! ms styx marx xxx

  tullie 19:55 06 Aug 2011

You can still watch Sky Freesat if you have the dish and box.

  morddwyd 19:59 06 Aug 2011

You can watch free to air programmes, but any recorded programmes will be lost - even though you have already paid for them you must have a current subscription to watch recorded programmes.

  SB23 20:13 06 Aug 2011

I have to agree with morddwyd.

I've just moved back to Wales, and me thinking I was clever recorded a load of stuff onto the Hd, thinking that some of it I would watch while waiting for Sky to install a new dish. But oh no, absolutely nothing works without a signal from above. Even the engineer said it was unusual, but he says thats the way they've worked it. No subscription (ie no signal), no working box. That'll stop me from being clever again, lol!


  styxmarx 23:28 06 Aug 2011

thankyou all very much for your rapid are all so kind...snyway I could 'boost' em off the 'hard drive before I cancel my subscription, if any of you nice people are aware of how I could do would be worth a go? don't worry I have 'electroshocked' myself back into a 'steady cardiac rhythm' before...nowadays though I usually let the nice doctors at my local ICU do that for me...ha ha! But I am of the opinion, when something electrical breaks here...'well I can have a looksee'...if I can't 'jury rig' it...well it was 'b*ggered' anyhoo! But so far my box isn't malfunctioning, it is my 'ability' to find anything worth watching that appears broken! & I'm paying £50.75pcm for this? ha ha! Thanks again! To all of you..! Goodnight for now! ms styx marx xxx

  morddwyd 08:19 07 Aug 2011

Don't know from personal knowledge, but I seem to remember from previous similar threads that the programmes are encrypted on the hard disc, so even if you transfer them, they can't be de-crypted without the Sky software, which only comes with a subscription!

  eedcam 09:38 07 Aug 2011

And even when you can transfer to dvd it wont be in HD

  styxmarx 00:32 17 Aug 2011

thank you all for your answers...I have 'thumbs upped' all your replies by way of a 'thankyou' to all of you who took the time to reply,I don't use 'forums' or any of the other 'social network' sites [unless I'm plannin a 'riot' ha ha!] But, I think it is 'important' to those who 'do use' them! Whether it does/is or not...I thankyou all for your help! Take Care, Be Careful, 'live long & prosper' [I hate Vulcans, But don't know how to spell 'Kahplah' in 'Klingon'....I like Klingons!] love 'sticky marx' xxx

  morddwyd 08:12 17 Aug 2011

"I hate Vulcans"

Well they can be a bit noisy, but a magnificent sight as they, or rather it, roars overhead!

  eedcam 08:50 17 Aug 2011

it was even noisier when flying around with the test engine for Concord underneath Ironical it is still up there Ha!

  morddwyd 20:02 17 Aug 2011

A five engined Vulcan.

Sounds a bit like the six engined Shackleton!

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