Sky email and Outlook 2003

  awest3 14:37 30 Mar 2008

I'm in the process of changing from Pipex to sky as my ISP..d-day being the 3/4/08. I thought I would get ahead of the game by setting up my new e-mail address at SKY to work with Outlook 2003. I've read lots of info on how to do it, set it up as per..but to no fails trying to connect to the servers..both POP and SMTP..I've looked at the options again, checked my settings again to no avail...any ideas...
One other thing although the new account (in outlook) is not the default it still tries to access the Sky servers?.. I can get onto my account through the google web mail no problem...I've checked those settings to enable pop..all seem ok...I saved the settings no problem....Any ideas gratefully received...I don't think I have to wait for SKy to be my ISP I?


  reddwarfcrew 15:44 30 Mar 2008

have a look at this thread for instruction.... and lots of great help in their forums too for skyBB

click here

  johnnyrocker 16:04 30 Mar 2008

i would think you have set up sky but it will not work until such time as you are connected to them?


  reddwarfcrew 16:21 30 Mar 2008

do you HAVE to have SkyBB to be able to use SkyEmail or do you just have to have a sky account (ie TV)..... basically is you can log into SkyEmail thru the web (which the poster suggests they can), then you should be able to hook it up to outlook?.

you need to also go into the Web email settings and switch on POP3 mail.

  johnnyrocker 17:32 30 Mar 2008

i would think that a facility of web mail only does not exist and one will need sky connections.?


  awest3 18:05 30 Mar 2008

Thanks for these, I'm afraid I'm no further forward at this point. I have looked at all of the how to's on sky, sky user, PC advisor but I think I have exhausted them all...Maybe it is that I need the Sky connection before I can use their POP and SMTP servers....we shall see on the third of next month. Once again thanks for your suggestions...I will update this thread after the 3rd to let you know what happems.

  awest3 14:03 31 Mar 2008

Well, tried it again today..worked first time..!
I've still not got my broadband from Sky yet so I presume you can use the servers prior to this being completed. Although I tried many times over the last few days and checked and double checked my settings I'm starting to wonder if I'd actually typed instead of that or their servers have not been working or a couple of days...Anyway I'm now getting me emails both on the web and through my outlook account...which is great..means I can access my emails from any internet enabled computer rather than just my desktop at home. Many thanks for the assistance and suggestions given.


  awest3 22:50 01 Apr 2008

After a few hiccups I've even got another accounts set for my wife and that also works through outlook...I feel I've actually got somewhere today..lifes great so long as you don't weaken..Al

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