Sky dish signal query

  pookie 12:07 19 Jul 2009


I have joined some Sky/freesat forums today but they take up to 24 hours to activate and for me to post a question so posting one here (as help always very good here).

I have what was freesat from sky. I have the dish and cables that the previous house owner had so i guess they are at least 5 years old now. Since moving in a sky enginer came out to link it up with a sky box that gave us freesat from sky. That was about 3 years ago.

I have an lg hd tv with hdmi sockets etc. not top of the range but more mid range. I have had that tv about 2 years now.

Question is that i am sure over time the picture quality when watching sky channels has got worse. it looks patchy/blocky in places more or less all the time. i have updated the firmware/software for the skybox. i have also taken out and replaced all cables.

Could it be that over time the sky caables and dish i have just need replaced? should I clean the dish? I ask as within sky settings under quality/signal strength they are showing as more medium rather than high quality. Would a dish clean, if receiver was dirty, improve things?

many thanks


  dms_05 12:24 19 Jul 2009

You'd probably get a better response click here and the Registration is almost immediate. It's an independent Sky User forum with lots of people who know about satellite reception.

Basically I'd guess you should at least have the dish realigned and seriously consider a new LNB. Neither need be expensive, if you can DIY it you'll find lots of dish/LNB combinations on ebay.

The Sky signal is very strong and so you're problems suggest you are loosing the strength/quality somewhere in your system. It could be the receiver getting old, it could be the cable to the receiver, it could be the connectors on the cable, it could be the LNB, it could be the dish alignment.

  pookie 16:03 19 Jul 2009

many thanks

I have joined that forum and posted the question.

I have noted your comments however and may take your advice - cheers.


  DieSse 17:16 19 Jul 2009

Possible causes are - dish alignment, faulty LNB, water ingress at the dish connector end. Less likely to be the receiver (but still possible).

When you replaced the cables did you take care to waterproof the connector to the LNB?

  pookie 13:57 31 Jul 2009

many thanks and sorry for delay in my reply. Yes, scart cables out and are in securely.

out of interest my tv is a digital tv (no freeview or freesat built in) but i live in non digital ready area. my sky box is connected to tv through scart cable running to av1 on tv and i watch sky through av1 channel. should i have it so sky is viewed through the digital channel on tv? when on digital option is reads as no signal available but should my freesat from sky not be a digital source?

many thanks


  Poitier 14:57 31 Jul 2009

With an analogue Tv you connect the freesat box to the TV by scart and switch to av1 to view. Signal strength problems usually result in picture breakup or no picture.I think that you will find that the box has a signal strength/quality meter built in.Read the manual to find the setting.The quality is more important than the strength.

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