sky dish aerial

  aboutit 13:50 25 Mar 2006

what would be achieved (or not) by putting a sky aerial into the pc instead of the normal TV aerial

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:52 25 Mar 2006

do u mean plug you lead from you sky box to your tv in card

  ACOLYTE 13:54 25 Mar 2006

Well,you may get the local channels if you had a TV card but i doubt you would get any sky channels unless you have a sky box connected too.

  amonra 13:57 25 Mar 2006

Nothing !

  DieSse 14:01 25 Mar 2006

sky aerial?

aerial lead from a sky box - you could watch sky

lead from the dish - nothing - albeit that the length of cable may act like a poor terrestrisl aerial and give you poor quality regular TV.

If you want to connect up a dish - you need a satellite TV card, not a regular tuner card.

  ACOLYTE 14:07 25 Mar 2006

A question, does the dish have an internal electric current?,im not sure if they do,but if so that could harm your equipment.

  DieSse 14:13 25 Mar 2006

*does the dish have an internal electric current*

No - it doesn't *have* one. It's designed to be supplied with one by a satellite receiver - otherwise it's electrically *dead*

  bruno 17:54 25 Mar 2006

If you have a Sky box there will be an RF out lead which terminated in a normal coal plug will give you a signal,providing you have a t/v card on your PC.You will only get the same programme that the t/v is set to.If that is changed so will your programme.

  conrail 21:02 25 Mar 2006

not being technical but aren't the cables and connections different from normal coaxial cable?

  bruno 22:34 27 Mar 2006

The RF out lead is a standard coaxial plug both ends.

  bruno 12:24 02 Apr 2006

Amend my last post.There is a standard plug on one end and a standard coax socket on the other.I fitted a through connector(double female) to the socket ,then used a standard plug.

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