Sky+ to computer

  Ade_1 15:09 15 Jul 2006

Hi, i was wondering if there was any way of transfering things from your Sky+ box to the computer.

Thanks in advance

  ArrGee 16:36 15 Jul 2006

Yes. Your Sky+ box has two analogue outputs (RF1 Out and RF2 Out). You'll need a TV card or a USB TV stick for your PC. But, make sure the card/stick is a hybrid digital and analogue, as the output from the Sky RF outs are analogue.

So basically, using a standard co-ax cable, connect from the RF Out to the TV card/stick, then using the software that came with the card/stick, scan for your Sky+ box.

It should come up on the PC as the same channel number set on your Sky box. To find the channel number, get your Sky remote, press Services, 4, 01, Select, then down to 'RF Outlets'. The RF Channel number will be shown on this screen.

From here on, you should be able to view anything that you have recorded on your Sky+ on your PC, as well as transfer it to the PC. You should also find that you can view Sky on the PC and therefore record programmes directly onto your harddrive.

The hybrid stick that I use is by KWorld.

For details on this, click here

  Ade_1 17:12 15 Jul 2006

Ok, thanks for that, I have a Freecom DVB-T stick. Hopefull it will work with that. Thanks very much for your help, ill try that out later :)

  Ade_1 17:23 15 Jul 2006

Which RF Out should i be connecting my USB DVB-T stick to, is it 1 or 2?

  Ade_1 17:29 15 Jul 2006

I have put it in RF output 1 and unfortunatley it hasnt found anything. Am i supposed to be searching on a certain frequence at all?

  DieSse 17:40 15 Jul 2006

Your Freecom USB DVB-T stick is a receiver for digital TV, not the analogue output of another receiver - so what you are doing won't work.

You need an analogue receiver for the RF output of your Sky+ box.

OR you need to pick up the video and audio outputs from a SCART and/or audio outputs, and input them into a video capture device.

  Ade_1 17:52 15 Jul 2006

Apologies for that.

Is it at all possible to copy the recorded items onto a external hard drive that i can plug into my Sky+ box or is this not able to be done.

  Tim1964 17:58 15 Jul 2006

It has to be played back/recorded in real time as the encoding of the Sky signal is not compatible with a DVD recorder/PC HDD.

  Ade_1 18:04 15 Jul 2006

Ok thanks for al the info, i will have to invest in a Hybrid one in the near future.

  ArrGee 22:40 15 Jul 2006

£40 at your nearest Maplins

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