Sky broadband wreless internet "no connection"

  svwhat 08:16 19 Oct 2007

Installed Sky broadband 2 days ago on their netgear wireless router. It worked fine wired and then I went wireless - it was fine.

Yesterday I tried to open IE7 but got error message not connected. However when I look at control panel for connections it shows me connected to the wireless route with an excellent signal BUT also shows the Internet Connection as connected.

When I look at packets sent and received it shows I am connected and that I am sending but receiving only small packets back.

If of any importance I was previously with Waitrose for broadband but have just moved house.

Thanks for help - of course doing this from work as no connection so a reply today would be great :+)

  daxian 09:40 19 Oct 2007

hi svwhat....
had the same thing a few times ....
unplug the router power wait for a count of 10 ,then plug it back in ..after 5 minutes your connection will be back up and you will be able to browse the net ...worked for me ,hope it does for you .Dave

  svwhat 10:05 19 Oct 2007

Dave - Daxian many thanks but I think I tried this last night and then again this morning I started up again and turned everything on - not sure I waited 5 mins this morning but did last night, and nothing.

Did notice that the netgear router would occassionally flash orange some time after it had been turned on - which is a new one on me.

Any other suggestion to try at the weekend appreciated !

  Pete007 18:13 22 Oct 2007

in the address bar type "" then when the prompt box appears enter user name as sky and password as admin you will the be sent to the router page at the bottom there will be an option to do a sky test try this

  svwhat 08:12 23 Oct 2007

Problem solved but not after following sky CD troubleshooter and calling the help line.

I had not noticed that the "i" internet light on router had gone out - so I was clearly not connecting although my laptop internet connetions showed I was .

Sky were really helpful and did line test and other things and offered to send a new router out to me.

I came off the phone somewhat frustrated and a little perplexed.

Sky suggested that I swap the microsplitter I was using for another one I had conected elsewhere in the house.

Went to the kitchen and there was the phone WITHOUT nicro filter. The wife had removed it the day before !!!!!!

Problem solved and proof if needed to check all connections and need for microfiliters.


  ambra4 16:33 23 Oct 2007

Tick the box acd click solved

  tullie 16:55 23 Oct 2007

Have a think about whether you want internet or wife,discard one of them lol

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