Gollysmum 16:14 25 Apr 2008

Please can someone help me before I blow a fuse.

I have just connected to Sky Broadband via a wireless router. I keep receiving a small window with a message saying: The server click here at DSL Router requires a username and password. I do not have a password and have never needed one to browse the net...what does this mean and how can I make sure it doesn't keep popping up? When it appears I cannot get on the internet at all and have to close it down.

I did not have to use a programme to set it up, it was just plug and play and I don't know what to do. Its really frustrating.

I'd be grateful of any help

Many thanks.

  daxian 11:33 27 Apr 2008

hi gollysmum..
have you just started using wireless,or did you previously use cable (ethernet)?
it might be the wireless side security key it is asking for ...or possibly the password for the router interface ....more info would help !Dave

  DJ Techz 13:07 27 Apr 2008

The username is admin
Password is sky.

  DJ Techz 13:09 27 Apr 2008

Does your internet disconnects after you type the Username and password in?

  Gollysmum 18:49 28 Apr 2008

Thank you so much for your replies:

I have always used broadband via cable but just switched to Sky in the past couple of days. My connection is through the phone line directly to the Sagem router. It seems as if I am being asked for a password for the router interface but I don't know what to use.

Hopefully I'm getting somewhere now you've given me a password to try. I'll give it a go.

  Gollysmum 21:37 29 Apr 2008

In reply to your question regarding losing my internet connection, I tried putting the username/password in which you kindly supplied, it directed me to a Sky Technical webpage....I did not lose my connection but I lost the webpage I was trying to browse.

This doesn't happen on any particular site, it is a random intermittent fault. Most frustrating, I am wishing now that I had stayed with Virgin broadband.

Many thanks for your help.

  daxian 22:47 29 Apr 2008

HI GOLLYSMUM.....ooops caps is on ......
if you are only getting the fault cant be the router interface thats asking for the password and if you are losing the page you are browseing it cant be the security side of wireless ,as that comes in before you can connect to the internet/ im wondering what other software you have installed (anti-virus,firewall ,antispyware)
also when did you last run them,as it may be spyware/adaware related or a virus infection.
i use sky myself and have had no problems of the sort you are getting its not a sky "thing".Dave.

  dms_05 09:22 30 Apr 2008

The Sky User Name and Password is present in the Router. In fact Sky specifically don't supply this information to users - although it is possible to extract them. So it shouldn't be a Router problem as it logs on automatically.

Their is a Password printed on the Sky Router label but that's for the WPA wireless encryption.

If you haven't sorted your problem out try posting click here were you'll find specific knowledge on Sky.

Typing 192.168.0.l into the address bar of your browser will take you to the Routers set up page.

Sky Broadband is very simple to set up. Just plug the router in, connect to your computer and open your browser. It just works. WiFi involves adding the encryption key to the Windows WiFi manager so it automatically connects.

  Gollysmum 22:20 03 May 2008

I am so frustrated now, I'm still having the same problem. It is very intermittent and I can't pinpoint it to any particular site. I have tried typing in my sky username and password but this doesn't help, I end up getting the black screen with 401 error.

Sky are not much help, it just costs a fortune waiting in the queue only to get through to someone with a very hard to undertand accent!

  Gollysmum 22:25 03 May 2008

I've even tried changing my antivirus/firewall to McAfee which came with the set up. I have made sure the old firewall and antivirus have been removed.

We can go for hours with a perfect internet connection and then we're asked for the username/password and it all falls apart and we can't get any further for an hour or so.

  daxian 00:45 04 May 2008

hi gollysmum....
still say it is virus or spyware ...the only thing i can think of to do with google servers would be the mail server ...but that should not apply as although google is hosting the mail for sky ,you still need to access it through the sky website .
i strongly suggest you run a full virus/spyware scan.
as for phoning sky ...dont waste your money..they can only offer basic help on connection problems ...which is not what you need .Dave

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