Sky Broadband major problems

  rodriguez 21:24 14 Dec 2006

During last night and the whole of today, I've found my Sky Broadband service is almost unusable. It will load a few pages and then just suddenly refuse to load any more - giving endless "Page cannot be displayed" errors. Then it will work again after a while, then stop again which is very annoying. I'm seriously thinking of scrapping the whole thing and going with a normal ISP such as Tiscali or Pipex. No point paying for a service that simply doesn't work. Is anyone else had these problems with it constantly going on and off?

  Dipso 21:31 14 Dec 2006

Is this a wired or wireless connection? Couldn't be a problem with the wireless could it?

  rodriguez 21:37 14 Dec 2006

There is wireless, but the Internet's on 2 computers and these problems also occur on the one that's plugged into the router with a cable.

  Dipso 21:58 14 Dec 2006

Have you checked your routers logs to see if the line is actually dropping?

  rodriguez 22:38 14 Dec 2006

Yeah I've checked that a few times actually - there's CRC error that's lasted 125 seconds, but there's been no loss of signal or frame. This is the full status:

Line mode G.dmt Line state Show Time
Line up time 0:07:43:30 System up time 0:07:44:08
Downstream speed 6976 Kbps Upstream speed 448 Kbps
Downstream latency Interleave Upstream latency Interleave
Trellis coding Enabled Loss of signal 0
Line attenuation 26 dB Loss of frame 0
Noise margin 6.5 dB CRC error 181
Line up count 1 Total error duration 125 seconds

  Ashrich 23:36 14 Dec 2006

Sky broadband is via Easynet , owner of UK Online , so no different to anyone else , this may be a local problem to your area but most likely a problem with the router , have you tried a reset of the router ?
What make of router is it ?


  rodriguez 23:39 14 Dec 2006

I've reset the router a few times and it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference. The local exchange is Blackheath which is a mile up the road. The router's a Netgear DG834GT (Sky branded).

  Dipso 12:35 15 Dec 2006

I think your problem is your wiring.

If you put your attenuation figure in this checker click here it says you should expect 12 - 16 Mbps, you sync at 6.9 Meg. This is probably to do with your noise margin being lower than it should be and indicates there's some interference somewhere.

I saw in another thread about filters that you say you run a 10 metre cable downstairs to the master socket. Is this an ordinary telephone extension cable? If so, you need to consider relocating your router to near the master socket, connecting by a short RJ11 cable to the router and a 10m Cat5 network cable from the router to the PC. You shouldn't experience any degradation of signal with this method.

First of all I would check your internal phone wiring though to rule out any interference caused by unecessary wiring click here You may even find that removing the ring wire (terminal 3), if it's connected, allows you to connect through your upstairs socket.

  realist 14:25 15 Dec 2006

There was some stuff on Digital Spy Sky Forums about problems when two pc's connected don't know if it's relevant...
click here

  rodriguez 12:27 16 Dec 2006

As the router's wireless, I could probably move it by the phone socket downstairs and connect both PCs wirelessly. However as ├četa says, it does feel like Sky are restricting the connection as there seems to be a regular time interval between the pages not loading (about every 7 pages). Also, I never had these problems with BT and any torrent downloads won't go faster than about 5-6 Kbps (after I did all relevant port forwarding and opened up the firewall). Sometimes if I'm lucky it will push up to 30 but no faster than that. ├četa, was it easy to get rid of Sky or did they have you in a 12 month contract?

  pompyx 12:42 16 Dec 2006


Have you recently upgraded to IE 7 as there is a known fault with phishising filter.

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