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  rodriguez 18:15 05 Dec 2006

Finally recieved the Netgear Sky router today so I could use the broadband service that's been on my line since Friday. Plugged it all in, connected fine, and was working ok. Then after a while the connection cut out - pages stopped loading and MSN signed out. This happened many times. So I thought I'd try my old BT Voyager 200 router from before (had to get the DSL connection username and password from the Sky router, which I don't think I can discuss how on this forum). Connected BT Voyager router up, put in this new username and password (which is a load of random letters and numbers - Sky want you to use their router) and it connected to the DSL fine. So far the connection hasn't dropped, but I haven't been using it for that long yet. Anyone else had these problems with the Sky router?

  bruno 19:40 05 Dec 2006

As I have had the same problem as rodriguez,I am interested in his possible solution.Which cfg file gives you these details.I went to search but came up with a lot of these files.

  rodriguez 20:24 05 Dec 2006

OK I'll put how to do it - if FE decides it's against the forum rules though, he'll delete it and you'll have to look elsewhere. This is what I did:

click here for a HTML page that someone else made (if the link doesn't work, it's probably because you need to register with Skyuser forum - but it might work, as I haven't tried it without registering. I'll upload it somewhere if it doesn't)

When you've unzipped it, run the HTML file and go down to "Get username & password" and press Submit.

When the page loads with the "Ping" message, go back to the main page and press the Read button at the bottom. This will then save a netgear.cfg file that contains the username and password to put in your own router. The username will be your MAC address followed by @skydsl and the password will be a load of random letters and numbers.

  bruno 20:34 05 Dec 2006

Thanks for that.I will have a look at it and see how I get on.

  Dipso 21:18 05 Dec 2006

Could be one of a number of reasons why your Sky router was dropping the connection.

The two routers could be interpreting your line stats differently for one.

It is common for noise levels on your line to increase during the evening this could be causing dropouts. Has the BT router held the connection throughout an evening yet?

  rodriguez 21:55 05 Dec 2006

The BT one has kept the connection all night and the Sky one would drop out every 10-15 mins. I'll carry on using it I think unless Sky write and moan saying I have to use theirs...they can detect I'm not using theirs but I don't know if they'll care or not.

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