Sky broadband - Cant connect to net with my router

  monkeytennis 13:02 07 Feb 2008

Hi All,

My Sky Broadband account was activated on Tuesday and much to my disappointment their standard wireless router is a complete waste of time.

Anyway after trawling the forums I can see that the Sagem router they sent is rubbish and Sky were aware when I agreed to the package that I wanted to use my own Belkin G+ mimo router which is spot on for what i need.

To cut a long story short I did a lot of jumping up and down yesterday and they have released the username and password which allows me to access the net with my own router.

I have a Belkin G plus Mimo thats about a year old so I would have thought I should be able to connect. Using the username and password I still cant connect via ethernet so not just wireless.

When i connect through the "connect to a network" option, once connected it states "The capability of your network adapter does not match the requirement of this network"

Im no whizz when it comes to PCs but i can usually get the router connected to the net.

Am I missing something?

Im running Vista profesional if it makes any difference

Are there any other settings I need to put in my router that I am not aware of?

VCI 38
Have already been set

Has anyone got any experiance of this happening and if so how can it be cured (do some of the belkin settings need changing)

Any assitance is appreciated

  brundle 14:58 07 Feb 2008

Vista Professional? No such thing, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate? Is the router set to use PPPoA or PPPoE? Should be the former for Sky, I'm assuming you can get into the Belkin configuration pages right?

  monkeytennis 16:41 07 Feb 2008

Well done brundle you spotted the delibrate mistake about vista ;-)

Its business vista (sorry im still in xp mode even afetr a year)

Yes its set to PPPoA.

Can anyone confirm the number of digits the password should be?

One forum mentions 10 however sky gave me 15

  brundle 17:15 07 Feb 2008

You need to check the router log, if you get messages relating to CHAP authentication problems then you are likely to have password issues but it seems unlikely as you say Sky gave you the codes themselves. Is IPv6 enabled in your Network Connections settings (for wireless and/or wired) - sometimes unticking it helps.

  Graham. 17:19 07 Feb 2008

The Sky router is Netgear, unless they have changed it recently. Go to the Sky forum click here

  Graham. 17:27 07 Feb 2008

This link is better click here

  dms05 17:28 07 Feb 2008

Sky don't release Username and Password. End of story.

  brundle 17:30 07 Feb 2008

Shame they didn't supply a Netgear as there was a little bit of HMTL you could use to extract the details, then again you might not have changed from one of those in the first place....

  monkeytennis 20:24 07 Feb 2008


sky do give out passwords and username so it isnt end of story.

Why would I bother posting?

Maybe you tried to get yours and were less persuasive.

India wont give it out but Livingstone will, just use your head.

Anyway they have now dispatched a Netgear and the only reson that I want that is so that I can obtain the details again to see if they are exactly as I was given.

The details that I have been given are not those to access the email.

Sky have started to change the routers to the Sagem as the netgear ones can be cracked easily. No one has managed it yet with the Sagem.

Thanks Brundle I will check those settings

  dms05 12:00 09 Feb 2008

Skys Terms and Conditions specifically specify you only use equipment supplied by Sky. If you accept Sky Broadband as your supplier then you are bound by this condition. If you don't want to use their equipment then you shouldn't be a customer. It's identical to their satellite TV service - except you simply can't receive Sky TV without a Sky Digibox.

The reasons for insisting you only use their broadband router is a little more difficult to understand and their replacement of the original white Neygear router suggest reasons. As you've found out you can extract (simply as well) the username and password from the router by entering two html links in your browser. I've done so and experimented with another router as a replacement - it work exactly as the original Sky router.

So why insist on their own router? The best Blog I've seen on the subject draws comparison with Sky's joint TV over the Internet (IPTV) in Italy. It is suggested IPTV requires extremely close adherence to the 'standard' and few Routers comply in all respects. So if Sky are to begin IPTV (and Sky Anytime suggests the future) then they will need to have all their customers using identical equipment to make IPTV reliable and robust.

I think another post here suggests the Sky username and password format. I can confirm that this was correct and is still in use. Did they supply the user ([email protected]) and password (yyyyyyyyy) information or did they supply you with your MAC needed to change broadband suppliers?

But it's interesting Sky seemed to be so helpful. Normally they simply say no. I've seen posts elsewhere, where Sky broadband users with router problems on equipment out of warranty, have been refused their user names and passwords and told their is no mechanism for them to buy a replacement and they will have to go to another broadband supplier.

  monkeytennis 00:36 13 Feb 2008

I have definitely got the correct username and password for this and still cant connect my Belkin router.

Ive never had a problem previously when setting up new accounts with providers so this is frustrating as hell.

Any ideas?

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