sky broadband

  Im a diddy 22:32 09 Mar 2011

just signed up for it as part of a tv package.Im currently a cable subscriber,sky are quoting 6 meg,but with conditions of peak use etc.Whats the views guys?

  lotvic 22:39 09 Mar 2011

some good info & tips on sky BB at digitalspy click here It will depend on what your line can support and how many others are sharing (contention ratio).

  Im a diddy 22:45 09 Mar 2011

ok thanks,Im deffo got a bit of buyers remorse,my cable performance has been faultless for last 8 years,never had the phone variety.Performance has been consistant whatever time of day.what to do...

  lotvic 00:19 10 Mar 2011

If I had a choice, I would have cable as it is so reliable. My (abysmal) ADSL2 barely gives me 2Mb and it is advertised as 'up to 24Mb'
I get constant disconnections, lack of sync etc.
2Mb is all my phone line can manage due to distance from exchange.

  Im a diddy 09:48 10 Mar 2011

I must admit its the broadband that concerns me the most,sky are quoting up to 6.5 meg,whereas cable guarenteed 2,4 0r 10 meg.Im 2 miles from the exchange.The sky deal is cheaper for tv,calls and better hd box.
Ill have to ask around what people are getting in carlisle with sky.thanks.
ps is 2 mile from exchange good?

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