From Sky BB to TalkTalk

  the old man 09:13 20 Apr 2008

Need advice please people on two counts.

Firstly, am I doing the right thing in swapping ISP's. It annoys me that Sky were supposed to be 'doctoring' my exchange in March 2007 and I am still paying £17 a month. Don't get me wrong, the service from Sky has been very good. This is purely a cost cutting exercise.

Secondly, can my Netgear834gt be used with TalkTalk easily, seeing as it has been provided by Sky and seems to have all their dedicated settings. Will it be easy to change the settings.

  tullie 09:17 20 Apr 2008

What do you mean by doctoring?

  the old man 09:36 20 Apr 2008

Just in that Sky said my exchange was to be LLU'd in March last year and it has not happened.

  Stuartli 10:18 20 Apr 2008

TalkTalk's Help pages re broadband:

click here

Supported and non-supported routers:

click here

TalkTalk router configuration (particularly note the MTU figure of 1432!):

click here

  Stuartli 10:20 20 Apr 2008

You can check out your exchange's ISPs' LLU coverage, including Sky, at:

click here

  Stuartli 10:21 20 Apr 2008

TalkTalk's International3 package (soon to be known as International AnyTime) is quite astounding value for money at £20.50 a month, including line rental...:-)

  howard64 11:25 20 Apr 2008

I am with tt and have a netgear dg834 adsl router. It works just fine all you need do is enter your tt info ie [email protected] and the password that tt give you. TT is very good value but my experience of their so called help is that they are rubbish if you get a foreign call centre but now and again you get through to the British one and they seem pretty good. If you are likely to need their help dont bother but if you are happy to use pcadvisor then they are fine. Saves me £300 per year over my old 2mb broadband and phone service.

  the old man 12:02 20 Apr 2008

I have heard about the lousy customer service at TT. However, I have only had to contact Sky twice in nearly 18 months for a problem. At the moment the router info shows me downloading at about 5200k. Not bad really on a non LLU exchange with sky. As a TT user do you have good speeds most of the time. I am approx. 932m away from exchange as crow flies so relatively near. samknows give me a download speed of 5.5mb. Usually I may hit about 3.5-4 on a good day. today is an exceptional day going by speed above.

stuartli - dont need international calls so looking at option 2.

  Stuartli 14:26 20 Apr 2008

On the rare occasion I had to contact TT support (it's free on the phone number ending in 1820 if you are a TT subscriber) I found it OK.

The fact that you are getting 5.2MB normally is little to do with LLU, which is merely the equipment ISPs install to bypass the BT equivalent - from the exchange itself to your property the responsibility is back with BT.

That's why you have to have a BT line to join TalkTalk and similar ISPs.

By the way, to add to the TalkTalk website log-on information that howard64 provided, you should note that e-mails are your chosen e-mail address and password, which also allow access to My Account.

  TonyW2 15:47 20 Apr 2008

I have been with TT for 12 months and was a complete novice.
If you are not confident of your abilities, their help lines are frustrating and geared to scripted simple problem solving.
More complicated issues are slow to escalate along their system to get to the solution needed and if trial and elimination is needed, it is annoying to have to revert to the starting point each time. The waiting times on hold & to be passed on are long.Promised call backs may not materialise.
The starting point always entails your equipment being set up in a basic state and directly connected to your phone master socket. Not always convenient.
However, there are more useful members forums on their site where the process is better organised. The bottom line is that the service is very low cost and, I think, good value for the price.Depends on your needs and it is geared to low users.

  Stuartli 20:12 20 Apr 2008

Low users?

My TalkTalk connection is on around 15 hours a day, yet the 40GB limit is more than adequate for my requirements and I've rarely come close to such a figure.

The speeds are superior to that of Tiscali (who I'd been with since WorldOnline days), the phone side is excellent and the billing spot on.

As for Help, TalkTalk's website contains some of the most comprehensive guidance around on every aspect of its service.

A little research on the website rather than completely relying on someone at the end of a phone is likely to prove quicker and more rewarding.

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