Sky BB connection

  shellship 16:22 07 Feb 2008

We have Sky BB activated (yesterday) in a house where the only computer will be an Asus EE which does not have a CD slot so the Sky software cannot be installed (possibly just as well). The router is a Sagem (which does not seem to fare all that well in this forum). The installation manual for wireless seems quite clear and I shall be installing on Saturday. Will there be any problems because of no software installation, please.

  Tim1964 20:06 07 Feb 2008

No problem at all.

The CD that comes with the router is just bloatware. Just Anti virus (that you should already have installed for free anyway) and IE7 (that you should already have installed for free anyway) and some other junk that I can't recall at the mo'.

The Sky router is literally plug and play.

  shellship 22:20 07 Feb 2008

Thanks. That's what I had hoped. Pray for me, though!! Won't state as resolved until........

  Tim1964 23:30 07 Feb 2008

You will need to connect to the router via ethernet at first to set up the SSID broadcast and to change the password from the default and also to set up the security options. Once this is done (and with the SSID broadcast turned off) you won't need the cable connection again.

  shellship 11:42 08 Feb 2008

In fact I set it up before BB was activated and hope I followed the advice correctly (it was same as yours!). We do not have password but we do have SSID and Network Key which latter, presumably, is the password. Thanks again.

  Tim1964 16:21 08 Feb 2008

The password I was referring to was the router's one. Which is defaulted as "Sky", which of course everyone else is using for their's ;D If (and it's a big IF) someone can 'see' you're on Sky BB they can use the default settings to connect to your router.

  shellship 12:31 09 Feb 2008

Time to tear hair out. Am now in required location with yellow ethernet cable connecting Asus and Sky router. Fine. Cannot get wireless connection despite resetting, re-entering etc. Spoken twice to Sky help line who find it difficult to help, tho' they try, "as Linux is not supported by Sky". They do not seem to understand that this Asus works wirelessly instantly at my home,admittedly with another ISP and router. Problem aggravated by the fact that their English, though not bad, is less than perfect. Any more ideas please.

  shellship 17:49 09 Feb 2008

Back home again and still hopeful that someone can help. Is there any point in replacing the Sky router with another one or will that not work with Sky BB connection?

  shellship 14:25 10 Feb 2008

Have found out from another forum that Sky routers only work with Sky BB so no point in testing it out at home with another ISP. I may have to get a Sky visit to sort it - what a pain.

  tullie 14:34 10 Feb 2008

The pc in question is,of course WiFi enabled?

  shellship 16:48 10 Feb 2008

Thanks for trying. Yes the Asus is wirelessly enabled; we use it at home here with our network and it is fine. Have just been back to Sky who altered their tone this time slightly and say they cannot arrange for an installation visit as they only support Internet Explorer and Safari. If what they ay is correct (and I can't believe it is) then we will have to cancel our brand new Sky subscription (which was part of a TV package) and start again. Does anyone know how to speak to a real managerial type at Sky to sort this one out, please.

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