Sky BB box - can it be used as a hub ?

  nigel87 22:49 07 Mar 2007

I have just connected to sky broadband and have had no problems connecting to the internet either wired or wireless on my two computer and my lexmark e120n printer are connected directly to the sky DG834GT box and the other computer is connected via a usb wireless device.
My problem is that none of the computers or the printer are talking to each other since I connected the sky box replacing my btvoyager 2110.
Do I need a seperate hub ? can the sky box act as a hub ? or can I configure my voyager to recieve sky broadband ?

  rodriguez 23:04 07 Mar 2007

You might need to remove the printer and add it back as a network one again. Since changing the routers, the IP addresses will have changed so that any print jobs sent now will go to the old IP address. If you go to add it back, you'll need to find the IP address of your printer. To do this, go to click here and click on Attached Devices. It should show a table of all the computers and devices attached to the router along with their IPs. Write down the printer's IP and go to Printers and Faxes, Add Printer, Network Printer and click on Connect to this Printer. In the text box, type in the printer's IP and pressed Next. It should find it and you can go through the rest of the Wizard. I got my old BT Voyager 200 router to connect to Sky Broadband, but first I had to run a script that got the username and password from the Sky router (I'll have to find it out again) and put the username and password in the BT router and it connected. Sky don't like this though, but I don't think they check on who's using their Netgear Sky branded router.

  nigel87 16:23 08 Mar 2007

O.K. I have finally got computer one talking to computer two, so I am happy that the sky box is acting as a hub.
Now I have a printed report from my printer telling me it's I.P. address is
Looking in my router settings it tells me my printer is at but everytime I re-install my printer either automatically or manually in the port settings under properties it is listed as
Now here is where I have done a very silly thing - I typed into my browser and connected to the network card in the printer(Lexmark E120n)to look at the settings. I then foolishly changed the I.P. address hoping this might help - it only made things worse! This I.P. address is out of the range of my router and I cannot change it back again.

Ant help would be greatly received


  rodriguez 16:57 08 Mar 2007

If you plug your BT one back in and plug your printer back into it, you should be able to get back into the printer's config page and change the IP back. But Windows should at some point change the printer's IP in the printer's properties box to the new one. You might need to browse for the printer when you reinstall it rather than putting in it's IP address.

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