stephen0205 14:35 28 Mar 2005

i got a disk to watch sky on my pc for free but cant get it to work it installs perfect but when it boots up is comes up pick a choice like comedy action thriller ect but cant get any channels it has nothing in any catagory but i only got this for watching the nba basketball games but cant now any insites or sites to watch the nba or to fix this problems

  joethebow 23:41 28 Mar 2005

I take it you have a TV card and have the PC hooked up to a dish? If not where are the sky signals coming from? Certainly not down the telephone line, unless you're on a cable network.

  jbp1982 00:03 29 Mar 2005

This is one of those disks from the likes of ebay (seen em adverised there). That has a list of URLs to allow you to watch TV channels over the internet. Sounded to good to be true so I didn't buy one.

  Stuartli 11:15 29 Mar 2005

They were also advertised by a firm who shall be nameless (but highlighted on Watchdog) who charged £25 for the "privilege" of buying one of the disks.

Try click here for TV stations broadcasts.

  Yoda Knight 11:26 29 Mar 2005

Is it legal ?

  p;3 12:03 29 Mar 2005

does your pc work properly at all now?

and I suggest probably illegal;

and is the cd licenced or just someone"s copy?

and did you scan the cd before you loaded it?

  jbp1982 12:05 29 Mar 2005

I think what the software does is legal. However the advertisement claims and the people selling them would have that "big legal question mark" looming above their heads.

  jbp1982 12:16 29 Mar 2005

Personally, I would not load any dubious or free software onto my system, without asking on here first or looking it up in the archive section.

Stephen0205, if it is one of those disks, I'd recommend running AV, anti-spyware and adware programs to check the integrity of the contents of the cd. And almost certainly deny it access to the internet through your firewall.

  Meshuga 13:22 29 Mar 2005

In other words, put the disc in the bin, not in the PC.

  stephen0205 21:44 31 Mar 2005

website was good disk is crap binned it and i did get it from ebay it was a waste of £10

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