Skt A heatsink and fan fixing

  JackMC 17:19 18 Jun 2003

I have a near heart attack every time I fix the heatsink. I find the most stubborn to be the sinks provided with the processor in the retail pack. The AMD instructions sound simple - just press down on the clip, then out and finally in to secure. But the amount of force required is large and any tool I use always slips off. Is there an easy way to secure the clip - or are there altenative heatsink combos that have a nore subtle clip that does not require brute force and a prayer under the breath?

  D-P-R 17:30 18 Jun 2003

if you are worried about cracking the core get one of these click here= or if you have a spare smallish screw driver cut a v in the end of the blade that should stop it slipping off

  D-P-R 17:32 18 Jun 2003

by the way the shop the link is to is an excellent supplier had quite a few things off them are they are very reliable

  JackMC 20:49 18 Jun 2003

Thanks for the pointer - it was new to me and I will certainly try the shim

  D-P-R 23:50 18 Jun 2003

ur welcome good luck

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