skt 939 Opteron in Asus a8n sli-deluxe mobo

  Magic Hobo 21:18 17 Dec 2005

Sorry if the title was a bit long! I was just wondering if you could put a skt 939 Opteron (AMD Opteron UP 144) in a mobo that was designed for Athlon 64's. I saw the opteron and the Athlon 64 3000+ on overclockers and the opteron is ten pounds cheaper and has more overclocking potential AND has 1mb of level 2 cache compared to the a64. Do you need a special mobo to run it as its better and cheaper than the a64?

Magic Hobo

  007al 21:27 17 Dec 2005

It will work,but i doubt if you will find one.Does it say they have them in stock? Everywhere is sold out of 144 and 146 opterons as they have been known to overclock to an fx57 speeds.You can look on ebay,but theyre going for a lot more than the retail price.AMD are not shipping anymore to retail shops anymore,so ive heard.They were designed for servers,so they will go into servers now,or something like that.

  Magic Hobo 21:38 17 Dec 2005

They are out of stock. Thanks for the help. Why are AMD not shipping to retail shops anymore?

Magic Hobo

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