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  g.1.g 12:53 25 Oct 2007

Not sure which area I should post this for help.

Please please tell me this is a legitimate course.
I seen the advert on tv for skillstrain and am assumming it is a legitimate business and course I am paying 75 a month for 3 years and at the end will have done five modules and exams for the CIW COURSE
Certified internet webmaster (website design manager)
I have been guaranteed a job at the end of the course aswell which makes it even more interesting but also too good to be true.
Am I being ripped off or is this legitimate.
Please Help As first payment is due tommorrow.
Thank You in advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:17 25 Oct 2007

Any training that promises you a job at the end has to be viewed with some caution and you are up against click here
which is free. I cannot believe that any foirm can predict the market 3 years hence. You could ask the company to put you in touch with successful ex-students. I'm sure that they would be happy to give you details. I notice that one site has 115,00 we need that many webmasters? here


  g.1.g 13:33 25 Oct 2007

The link the the net resources is for scotland and is only giving away 6 places.
The ciw is suppose to be an industry standard qualification which once passed gives you the skills for all kinds of differnet jobs.
Has anyone seen skillstrain advertised on tele?

  Sparkly 08:05 27 Nov 2007

I have been useing SkillsTrain for nearly a year now i contacted them via email and was visited at home and as far as i can say they have been a great help, thier online tutors have allways been there for me when i had a problem or did not understand something in the coarsework that i am studying(PC Hardware and Maintenence). Also the coarsework manuals and CD's needed all come through on a regular basis when i finish each moduale.If i ask any of the tutors for help i have a reply by email within a couple of hours or they will talk you through it on the phone.
I started the coarse just to do something that i was allways interested in but never had the time because of work but after haveing two heart attacks and ongoing not so good health it gave me something to ocupy my time and hopefully gain some knowledge,yes they say that they can find me my first job if i so wanted but i will be quite happy working from home just doing repairs and the like untill i get fixed/rebuilt (lol),i know that you can find all the information you need for free but this was my choice to signup to them and as for me i am happy with them. (IMHO)

  octal 08:09 27 Nov 2007

Seeing as the company is not in the UK you might have a problem taking legal action, if you are on low income I think a trip down to the Citizens Advice Bureau is in order to find out your rights.

  Chris the Ancient 12:12 27 Nov 2007

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