Size of Windows after SP2

  PlumberDave 16:05 01 Sep 2004

After installing SP2 my windows folder has grown to 4.35GB;19,697 files and 1,133 folders. Is this normal?
Included are a large number of $Ntuninstall-----$ folders, which I understand are for uninstalling security updates etc.
Does not SP2 include these? and if so can I reclaim disk space by removing them? This would also include txt files with similar file names. Is it also safe to remove tmp and dmp files which seem to swill around my setup.

  It's Me 17:18 01 Sep 2004

Do you know the specs before you installed SP2?
I haven't yet done that, and my Windows folder appears to be 1.86GB, 12652 files and 733 folders, if that is any help, which it probably isn't.

  It's Me 17:23 01 Sep 2004

I've just realised that surely this should be on the XP SP2 forum not here.

  Brian-336451 17:28 01 Sep 2004

Mine is 3.25Gb and I've got Restore turned off.

I noticed that immediately after installation then a defrag.

Uninstall files add up to 433Mb on my disk. I presume that the SP2 install files are there as well.

Truth is, I've had to Partition Magic my C drive up a bit (I only have my operating system on the C drive and all the programs except those that default to C on a D partition).

Be interesting to see where this post goes.

I wonder if Peter (FE) could make a question of How big is your Windows directory.

Ah well, lets watch.

  PlumberDave 19:23 01 Sep 2004

Still in the dark about size of my installation.The size is bigger than some older hard disks. Is B.Gates selling hard disks now? or is this bloated size thru design. I think not, but trying to find an answer is like finding hens teeth!

  bertiecharlie 19:53 01 Sep 2004


SP2 added around 1GB to my windows folder. Went from 1.4GB to 2.4GB. Since then I've deleted the Uninstall Folder which is C:\Windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$ and reclaimed around 300mb. (I've got an image to fall back on if it goes horribly wrong.)

There is a similar thread going on on the SP2 Forum which might give you some more information.


  bruno 20:44 01 Sep 2004

Mine is 2.55Gb on disc and 18005 files since I installed SP2.

  PlumberDave 10:11 04 Sep 2004

After backing up all $NtUnstall----$ folders, similar text and log files my XP is now 4.03MB, 16,345 files and 1043 folders.
Will try this set up for a week or two and see what happens.

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