size of icons on start bar

  palinka 14:59 21 Jan 2004

Does anyone know of a way to make the icons on the start bar larger? An elderly friend with poor eyesight has difficulty distinguishing one from another. In the accessibility option I have enlarged other features, but there's nothing for these icons. I know how to enlarge the bar itself, but the icons stay the same size.

  PA28 15:02 21 Jan 2004

In XP, try Control Panel >TaskBar and Start Menu. You'll find an option there for Start Menu buttons small or large (but not that large!).

  palinka 15:08 21 Jan 2004

PA28, I've already looked there, but it doesn't seem to offer anything about icon size (only things like keep certain icons/hide icons/etc)

  palinka 15:10 21 Jan 2004

Sorry PA28, just realised you are right, it is there, and they are already set at large! Not large enough unfortunately.

  tafoody 15:37 21 Jan 2004

do you mean the quicklaunch toolbar?

ifso, right-click on the toolbar, choose view\large icons,

you may have to unlock toolbar first.

  PA28 15:45 21 Jan 2004

Haven't looked too closely at it but Windows offers accessibility options. Have a look at your Windows components installed by going to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>installed Windows components. You may find something here that will be of use - you'll probably need your Windows disk handy.

  palinka 16:30 21 Jan 2004

Can't find anything useful there, unfortunately.
Perhaps I'll just buy him a magnifying glass!

  Pesala 16:57 21 Jan 2004

Right-click on Desktop, Properties, Appearance, Item: Icon. Then you can set the icon size up to 72 pixels.

  palinka 18:26 21 Jan 2004

thanks Pesala. That's made the desktop icons bigger. But it still has no effect on the taskbar icons (ie those near the clock and those near "Start").

  Pesala 21:30 21 Jan 2004

As tafoody said. Right-click on the toolbars and choose View, Large icons. Thats Windows ME, not very different in XP I suspect.

  beeuuem 21:31 21 Jan 2004

In 98SE this can be changed by increasing the size of the 'Active title bar' in Control Panel > Display > Appearance. I assume that there is an equivalent in XP but don't have XP on this machine.

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