size down music files

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:12 16 Sep 2004

hi all i would like to size down some music tracks (is this what they call a "ripper").does anyone know where i can "rip"(?) music tracks to a 35kbps?.thanks all.ben

  smokingbeagle² 20:25 16 Sep 2004

If you are ripping from a CD, try Music Match Jukebox.
click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:44 16 Sep 2004

sorry mate,wasn't really i was looking for,i have winrip which is basicly the same,thankyou very much for your suggestion though,winrip lets go to a minimum of 65kbps,thanks all the same though,ben

  Paranoid Android 20:50 16 Sep 2004

I use musicmatch too.

If you want to use 35 kbps bitrate then you need to use mp3PRO format, this bitrate will give you no quality at all on standard MP3 format.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:03 16 Sep 2004

i would like after changing bit-rate to convert to wav. format afterwards to play on my pda

  leo49 23:41 16 Sep 2004

dBpowerAMP Music Converter[free]will let you re-encode down to a min. of 32kbs - though you must have far worse hearing than me if that quality's acceptable.

click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:44 17 Sep 2004

LOL,i have pretty good ears i usually stream music at 28kbps so 35 should be a breezer,thanks alot mate,im downloadin now,thankyou,thankyou all,ill let you know how i do,ben

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:36 18 Sep 2004

hi,your program,it does let you take it to a minimum of 11kbps but when i convert (after converting) the file seems to jump twice the size!.lol.thanks.ben

  leo49 11:35 18 Sep 2004

Probably the program preset is overriding the rate you're inputting.Right click the file then Advanced options and choose low quality/constant bitrate and then your kbs on the sliding scale back in the main GUI.

I've just done this with one my MP3s encoded at my usual VBR with a min of 256kbs. Converted to constant 32kbs/low quality and the file size has reduced from 4.2mb to 550kb.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:27 19 Sep 2004

hi leo i can't seem to find the advanced options part i am running windows XP.cheers.ben

  leo49 22:16 19 Sep 2004

Go to your Start button/Programs and click DBpoweramp Converter/Configuration/dmc Configuration.

On the opening dialog box ensure that "Convert To" on Explorer right click is checked - whenever you right click a music file "convert to" will now be a menu item.

Then just do what I said above- making sure MP3[lame]is showing in the "convert to" box at the top in the dialog box which appears when rightclicking a music file and the advanced options button will appear.

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