Sites you'r not allowed to visit

  Morz 11:37 25 May 2003

Sometimes, on clicking a web address, message appears saying something along lines of -

'the site you are trying to access contains a USERNAME - do you want to continue?

Whether I click 'yes', 'no' or hit cancel the page always stops loading.

Anyone please advise -

What is meant by 'username' and what's the prob?

What programme is generating this 'warning'?

How do I sort so I can browse where I like?

Shouldn't Opera, Spywareblaster, AVG & AdAware adequately protect against whatever 'hazards' out there?

  recap 12:23 25 May 2003

If you have checked all your security options and they are set to low, then, this may be a Certificate issue or that you have not registered for the site you are trying to access.

  pj123 13:13 25 May 2003

It could be a personal website. I have one that I use for posting news and photos for members of my family who live in other parts of the country. It is username and password protected and only people I give the details to can view it.

  Morz 17:45 25 May 2003

Thanks recap & pj123 -

Re Security/Privacy settings:

How LOW can one (reasonably safely) go?
Cud set em all to zero suppose - good way of testing my 'protection'? systems - or is that being reckless or what?!

No - definitely weren't password protected/private sites.

Unfortunately, warning messages about usernames etc don't indicate source - presumably internal.

Internet Options, Advanced settings probably where 'standards' set.
But, don't like ticking boxes much there as don't feel well enough clued up on meaning of terms.
Thanks anyway - anyone have any other ideas please?

  Taran 18:55 25 May 2003

I use a username/password combination for various sections of many of my sites. This allows me to deliver content to particular clients or student groups who may then access it based on their access permissions.

Although one or two possible reasons for an access permission prompt spring to mind, if a site is not restricted access to begin with this does point to your system and its software.

Without knowing the sites you are having problems with it is impossible to say whether the issue is with your particular computer software setup or with the sites themselves though. Perhaps if you posted a couple of addresses you are having problems with one of us could offer more help.



  wee eddie 21:55 26 May 2003

What do they "actually" say

possibly "requires a Username"

  wee eddie 21:58 26 May 2003

What do they "actually" say

possibly "requires a Username"

  Morz 22:35 26 May 2003

Thanks folks.
OK - I'll set everything to ZERO then.

PS: wee eddie:
See second line of first part of this screed.

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