Sitecom - Wanadoo Networking Problems

  sjtuk 18:52 07 Jun 2006

Hi All - am new to this site, but advice looks really good so hope someone can help me!

I've been trying to set up a Sitecom ADSL kit for wireless internet access. The kit comprises of an WL-118 modem/router and a USB doogle stick.

My internet provider is Wanadoo which uses a USB speedtouch dial-up modem, hence why I got the router/modem combined. I've disconnected the USB modem, installed the doogle and the router and PC seem to be talking to each other fine.

The problem I'm having is getting the router to connect to the net. I'm really not how to set it up properly, especially as Wanadoo uses a dial-up broadband system rather than an 'always on' one. Can anyone help?! The Sitecom quick start setup is rubbish!

Any help is much appreciated!


  ade.h 19:16 07 Jun 2006

Firstly, Sitecom is one of the few brands with which I am really not very familiar; could you post a link to your model's pdf manual please?

Secondly, have you configured your client (software) firewalls yet? They need to have permissions created to allow two-way trusted traffic through the LAN adapter (with a range of IP addresses to allow for dynamic IP assignment) unless these rules have been created automatically. If so, they need to be checked in detail - I'm not at all keen on automatic rule creation because the firewall can sometimes get it wrong.

We often have to talk about firewalls around here because it is one of the most common issues that people can neglect. As I always say; you need to know your client firewalls (and your router, ideally) inside out to get the most out of them. If in doubt, do not use a firewall until the network is sorted. That way, it's one step at a time.

  sjtuk 19:22 07 Jun 2006

Thanks very much. Here's the link:
click here

The only firewall I know of on my PC I have setup unless I'm wrong it through Norton, and I've set it up (automatically I must add!) through there. I can disable it until I've got it setup properly though.

  ade.h 19:33 07 Jun 2006

Norton firewall is not exactly top of the "great for networks" list. I prefer a more nuts-and-bolts firewall.

As I remember it, Norton doesn't make it very easy to get to the details of its automatically created permissions, but I think you can delete any that you don't want and add your own (or you could back in `02 when I last used it). The best thing to do is to turn off the firewall engine short-term while you ascertain if it is the root cause. Process of elimination.

Thanks for the link; I'll skim through the manual and see if anything relevant grabs my attention.

  sjtuk 19:52 07 Jun 2006

Thanks for this - firewall is off now, but still no joy. I'm convinced that its down to the internet conection settings on the modem. Not sure what settings I should be using for Wanadoo on this device.

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