Site Speed & Opera

  edstowe 10:29 12 Mar 2004

I joined in a moan session the other day about the lethargic speed of the PCA site (this one). I now retract all my complaints directed that way.

Last night something happened to my Opera setup such that it wouldn connect. Other people were having simialr problems at the time with other browsers click here so I thought I would re-install Opera. Didn't connect. System restore -> Opera still didn't connect.

I connected here via Netscape. Guess what? here in no time at all and its been like that ever since. I've never known this site so fast (still not the fastest site in the world loading up but it's pretty much zooming along now).

I still can't connect to Opera but do I want to? I don't think so. I've re-registered and changed my nickname slightly so, goodbye Opera.

I don't want this next bit to appear rude but please don't offer methods of repairing Opera, it's gone now and I don't want it back.


  Chegs ® 10:49 12 Mar 2004

I read your post,and as my Opera has been running a bit slower than usual,I tried Avant again.I got an instant burst in speeds,but now get all the ads from the "keywords" so its back to Opera for me(as Opera doesn't display them)

  edstowe 11:11 12 Mar 2004

No problem with keyword ads in Netscape.

  Belatucadrus 12:24 12 Mar 2004

Or Firefox.

  Chegs ® 13:04 12 Mar 2004

I couldn't find an "autorefresh" facility in Firefox,tried Netscrape on my puter,didn't like it at all.

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