Site problems?

  bri-an 18:44 04 Feb 2007

Anyone else having problems with this site?
I can surf away all day with no IE crashes, but as soon as I come to PC Advisor, I generally manage to look at a couple of threads before IE switches itself off, or I get the "IE has encountered a problem....", or the page locks up.
This has only been happening lately, as I have followed and contributed threads over a number of years, with no problems.
Just now I noticed, when the IE 'locked up' that it seemed to be trying to open the following address (not that I had clicked on anything!) :-
Opening page click here;sz=.....and so on.
Will be most disappointed to have to stop using PC Advisor, as it is by far the best - but these constant crashes and 'lock-ups' are driving me mad. Please let it NOT be just me!!

  Kate B 18:46 04 Feb 2007

Yes, it's a bit slow today. Not for the first time.

  bri-an 18:47 04 Feb 2007

Sorry, wanted to put the address, not a 'click here', so here it is (took me twice to send due to more "IE encountered problem"!!!!;sz=.....and so on.

  skidzy 18:52 04 Feb 2007

Time to run a few apps i think,use the bottom three and update before running click here

  birdface 18:52 04 Feb 2007

No problem Northants,When in doubt scan with your Anti-Virus + Spyware programs.

  big bloke66 18:54 04 Feb 2007

no probs here either.

  birdface 18:57 04 Feb 2007

Beat me to it by half a second,Looks as though there might be some sort of nasty on computer,But I would imagine that computer has already been scanned and nothing found.

  sunny staines 19:01 04 Feb 2007


some of the ads mess up flashplayer. goto reinstall flashplayer & shockwaveplayer all will then be ok. i had this in dec and this is how i fixed it.

  bri-an 19:09 04 Feb 2007

Sorry for dlay replying - IE keeps crashing.
Have done Spybot & AVG & Adaware.
Will now try sunny staines solution. Thanks, will report back (I hope!!)

  skidzy 19:28 04 Feb 2007

Have you ran your av (updated) ?

If ad doubleclick is your problem,adaware and spybot should indeed sort this.Also try click here after running the apps,protect against all with spywareblaster and reboot.

Have you downloaded anything recently ?

You may have agreed to a spyware sponsor without realising.

  Spark6 19:38 04 Feb 2007

Are you using IE6? If so try Firefox, I have the same problem and have given up on IE6. OK on IE7 though!

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