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  MERKY 21:56 08 Dec 2004

I have uploaded my web site but can not locate it by putting in my domain name.If i check it on it says the site is ok but is not listed with any of the search engines,but if i click on google manually clicking on my site name it finds it.What do i need to do to fix this ?

  Taran 22:33 08 Dec 2004

Google gets to everything eventually, but whether or not your site gets listed depends on a lot of factors.

For a start, having a .cgi extension to the main page won't help and judging from your initial page request action I also suspect that you have a redirect script at work leading to the index2.cgi page.

Google hates redirects for a lot of good reasons.

The basics of page recognition, in no particular order, are as follows:

1. Relevant page title (for the title bar of the browser)

2. No page redirects

3. Standard page name - index.htm or index.html are always, but always, your best bet, closely followed by index.php or default.asp, depending on your hosts support.

4. Content that is worth indexing - self explanitory.

5. Links to other pages within the site

6. Links to other sites

7. Links from other sites to yours

8. Keywords and metatags are still useful to a degree, but not as important as they once were. Worth considering though.

9. Good, clean coding

Your page has no useful or relevant title, it contains a redirect (and pop-up) and has a non-standard file extension, it has no real content worth indexing and has no links to or from other pages or sites. There are no metatags or keywords and those images you have used have no alt="" tags describing them.

Finally, the underlying code is very unusual. It is one of the oddest table structures I've seen in a while and much of the code doesn't need to be there at all. There are also HTML errors like this:

<font color="#FFFFFF"><STRONG>www .</font></STRONG>

It should have the <strong></stong> tags wrapping the URL text and all should be inside the <font></font> tags, like this:

<font color="#FFFFFF"><STRONG>www .</STRONG></font>

You also have a closing table row tag with no opener prefixing it.

Sorry if that all sounds like I'm tearing a strip out of the page, but the reason you have no indexing on search engines is that there is pretty much nothing to index. Try the W3 code validator click here for some pointers to errors on the page.

Google will not index every single web site it finds. Sites are 'judged' for want of a better word and the more you meet certain criteria the more likely it is that you will be indexed and then that your position in the index will rise.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem with your site is since I can access it via my web browsers, but search engine indexing is not guaranteed - it usually takes time to be indexed and a lot of effort to be placed high if you are in a popular category (like domain name sales).

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