site overhaul complete

  Sethhaniel 15:00 24 Sep 2006

New revised site now up and running

click here

backgrounds standardized
Sans fonts used for easy readability
etc etc etc

new post so as minds not clouded ;)

  Forum Editor 17:03 24 Sep 2006

I think we'll have to agree on one thing - that we disagree on what makes an attractive site.

I'm not a poet, or even a greater lover of poetry, so I'm not commenting on the content. Design, however, is an area in which I'm far more comfortable, and I'm afraid I just don't like your site from that point of view.

The entry page seems meaningless, and does absolutely nothing to inform a visitor as to the site content - why should anyone be bothered to click 'enter' when they don't know what's inside? Most sites - in fact all sites - can do perfectly well without Entry pages, I find them very irritating, because they're meaningless.

That block of twinkling 'gems' is similarly irritating - what's the point of it when you could just as easily put text links into a table? A newcomer would be forgiven for thinking that he/she had stumbled on a jewellery site - there's absolutely nothing to indicate what this site is really all about.

My feeling is that you have ended up with a site that concentrates more on visual gizmos than on the content - your poetry. Pleasant imagery is all very well, but not if it confuses and detracts from content. My recommendation would be that you opt for something more restrained and stylish - at the moment the site lacks any sense of purpose. 'Keep it simple' would be my advice.

But that's only one opinion.

  Sethhaniel 10:22 25 Sep 2006

'there's absolutely nothing to indicate what this site is really all about.'

Main headline on page Poems & Poetry of Graham Stuart Broughton -

and that is what the sites about

  gibbs1984 12:42 25 Sep 2006

So you've gone from flashing dots to lots of little pictures that take ages to load, why not put word links as said before?

They don't take long to load and they explain exactly where your going before you click on it.

  Sethhaniel 13:07 25 Sep 2006

'why not put word links as said before?'

I have they are there click on 'BIG' centre bottom button "Index to Poems" and there are all the links for those with 'Firefox' etc

  GroupFC 13:37 25 Sep 2006

I don't usually post in the web design forum, as I have very little experience, but I am a frequent lurker and I have followed your earlier thread and this one with interest.

Unfortunately, I do not like your site, for many of the reasons that have been outlined by other more experienced posters. From what I have seen, of your postings you seem to be looking for somebody to say "Yes, what a great site,etc.", and in truth, I don't think that that is going to happen.

If you are not going to take the advice of the majority of others, for example about the entry page and the "visual gizmos", then of course that is your decision. Personally, I would have thought that a poetry site, such as this needs to be kept clean and simple in terms of design, so that anybody visiting the site could concentrate on the poetry, with the minimum of distraction.

If you are happy with what you have done, just leave it at that rather than seeking the approval of others.

  Sethhaniel 13:56 25 Sep 2006

its not about 'liking' a site - its testing to see if it works - to get reports on dead links etc -

I am totally Happy with it - as is the Artist whos pictures are on the site - chosen to complement the poem and vice versa - it is all part and parcel

the poetry is clean and simple - all in readable text on a clear parchment background - and uniform - every page is available from every page

and judging by the responses all is accessible even though 'not liked' ;)

  GroupFC 14:15 25 Sep 2006

"its testing to see if it works - to get reports on dead links etc" - Fair comment. However, this is not how your responses to other comments in this and your previous thread read!

Anyway, I wish you well with it - it's certainly more than I could achieve!

  Sethhaniel 14:42 25 Sep 2006

you will have seen that the site has progressed from the earlier version - from tips given - ie backgrounds - fonts - the inclusion of an index - etc - but some things which I have on the pages are there for a reason - OK people here don't like them (and they are not fussed on the poetry) But for people who the poetry and visionary art are there for - it works and is what they expect - ;)

  Forum Editor 22:55 25 Sep 2006

and of course it's your design - you obviously like it, and are happy that your target audience will like it, so I suppose that's what really matters. I've given you my assessment, and from the other responses you've had so far it seems that I'm not alone.

The proof is in the eating, however, and I wish you good luck with your site.

  Sethhaniel 08:18 26 Sep 2006

fair comment -

but as you will know it is different horses for different courses -

what appeals to some doesn't necessarily appeal to others -

Footballers may look for sites of their teams and find blue & white or Red & white themed backgrounds

Computer Design & Help will have plain background etc

As is people who have an interest in what i am puting up will find that many sites in this category are more flamboyant.

And the site has gained by the input of some of the less negative posters ;)

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