Is this site loading up longer than usual?

  theDarkness 12:53 29 Sep 2010

Is this site occassionally taking a long time to load up for anybody? I click to browse to this help section, I can see everything (the main logo and left hand side links), but no forum contents. It stays completely black for just under 10 seconds, and my browser states "waiting for" or ""? All other websites are working 100%, so Im not sure if something on my pc is causing this problem or not.

  sunnystaines 12:57 29 Sep 2010

ok here ie8 and w7

  birdface 13:01 29 Sep 2010

Check View.Web page privacy policy.And make sure is not disabled and check for others that may also be disabled.

  theDarkness 13:16 29 Sep 2010

it definately seems to be the media/ads that are being blocked, with the browsers "connecting to media" related info. im using firefox, javascript is enabled, pop up windows are blocked. skimresources is loading up ok in firefox, and pcadvisor is working with IE

  birdface 13:28 29 Sep 2010

If working ok with I/E maybe disable your add-ons in firefox and see if it makes any difference.

  theDarkness 13:45 29 Sep 2010

disabled all add ons, and it was just the same after a restart of the browser, except for the fact that now I couldnt change between pc advisor forums either! lol, even if I kept java on, which is up to date. I havent installed anything new, and the site was working fine for me yesterday

  theDarkness 13:55 29 Sep 2010

update-Ive just disabled "web shield" on online armor, and (so far) the site is now loading up correctly, and at full speed. doh! ;( lol

  sunnystaines 14:08 29 Sep 2010

pca always loads quicker with ie8 when you have the free iepro software, as you do not have to wait for the ads to load.

  northumbria61 14:23 29 Sep 2010

All okay here W7 + Firefox

  theDarkness 14:30 29 Sep 2010

Thanks for that. In my case it was definately the web shield function of online armor (which has only recently been added to the free version of online armor-used to only be available in the pro version). Im not sure if its switched on automatically after installation, I may have switched it on by accident, but it was seemingly the way advisor linked to the media/ads on its pages that made it load up at a snails pace with this function on.

I checked my web shield list of safe pages within online amor, and pc advisor was not in the list, but even after adding it, it was still very slow. Perhaps I would have had to try and find out the specific details of all the ads that were featured and also add them as "safe", but ads change periodically, so this function seems to be completely useless-at least for pcadvisor anyway, as it was the only site that seemed to have major slowdown/problems with it, despite my list of safe sites within online armor having next to nothing :( I now have firewall, program loggers and keyloggers on, but web shield off. whether its a bloat feature or not on what was once an excellent free firewall, is another issue!

  woodchip 15:04 29 Sep 2010

I have always had problems with Pages and Log in not fully loading. Problem is that PCA is made to work best using IE, I don't like IE as never add anything but problems using it, always having to repair IE all the way back to version 4.

I use Flock now after moving from Netscape Browser, but its based on the same code, as its Mozila Firefox Engine in Flock, its better with scripting turned off, but it not the answer as some sites need it to work and enter

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