A Site Check Please

  AndySD 00:34 27 Nov 2005

Hi all

Another site check please. This one is a favor for an old friend. click here and want to send it to him tommorrow as long as its not got to many bad reviews.


  Forum Editor 00:47 27 Nov 2005

the most obvious being the word "it's" in the homepage header - it should be "its".

Apart from that, the site looks fine, although I strongly recommend that your friend considers taking payments via PayPal - he will lose a lot of orders if he only accpets cheques. People want to make instant decisions when buying online, and the thought of having to write and mail a cheque - with all the attendant delays that entails - will deter many potential customers.

  AndySD 01:07 27 Nov 2005


I have changed the it's and will look again in the morning but I seem to be to tired to spot the others at the moment or I have just been looking at it too long.

I will also mention paypal to him at lunchtime tommorrow.

  PurplePenny 13:46 27 Nov 2005

Clean, clear and simple. I like it.

I think that the alt text for the garlic painting should really be just "Violet garlic". "Painted by ....." would be better as a title attribute so that everyone (not just IE users) see it.

I agree completely with FE's point about PayPal: we get most of our business that way, very few cheques these days. You could also mention NoChex: it isn't as well used as PayPal but some people prefer it because it is UK based. He'll lose customers without taking some form of online payment.

  Forum Editor 15:06 27 Nov 2005

of doing some readbility and punctuation edits on some of your text. I've sent you a couple of Notepad files in case they're of any use - feel free to bin them.

  spuds 17:52 27 Nov 2005

Nice clear precise website, as a suggestion, why not add a page covering the benefits and various usage of garlic.

I recently saw an advert about vinegar, and when the various uses and treatments were explained, it came as a very big surprise. This type of extra information could lead to further sales.

  AndySD 18:47 27 Nov 2005

Purple Penny

Thank you for your reply, I have changed the image Alt tag and will try to get him on PayPal.

Forum Editor

Thank you for the files I have used them.


A good Idea I will look into it, but as this was a freebee I may not do it for a while (still working on another web site as well).



  AndySD 18:55 27 Nov 2005

fourm member

Thank you for your reply.

The url is now simplygarlic click here that was a test folder. I will have a think on the image but it was the only way to use that font.


  PurplePenny 23:52 27 Nov 2005

An interesting idea that I saw on an accessibility forum was the use of h1 tags around the header image. I can't remember exactly how it works but (apparently) the alt text gets picked up by search engines as the heading. Additionally giving the h1 some CSS styling means that non-image browsers will display the alt text as a well styled heading.

  PurplePenny 23:59 27 Nov 2005

To get "Painetd by .." to display when a visitor hovers over the image it needs to be a title attribute not a name.

  Forum Editor 00:03 28 Nov 2005

because there's a typo on the homepage, and it's my fault. Hurriedly bashing out the text in Notepad, I typed "avaialble", and you have (understandably) pasted the error onto the page.

My fault, but you'll have to do the alteration.

I think a 'garlicky facts' page might be a great idea - there must be a million truths and old housewives' tales about garlic, and such a page might work wonders with your search-engine rankings, as fourm member says. One or two tips and tricks about cooking with garlic might not go amiss either.

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