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  the kopite 05:48 29 Aug 2005

Is it the site or my computer over the last week I have found the site very hard to access with time outs coming up each time had anyone else experienced trouble or is it my browser which is firefox thanks room

  Skills 06:19 29 Aug 2005

The site has been particulary troublesome of late, I did notice a brief improvement for a while but it has got worse again. I too am using firefox and there seems to be a fair number who have been having trouble so you're not alone if thats any comfort :)

  Philwane 07:44 29 Aug 2005

Same here I am using IE but even with View your postings Disabled I am still getting timeouts

  rawprawn 07:57 29 Aug 2005

Agreed, it's getting worse not better.

  Al94 08:54 29 Aug 2005

Running like treacle this morning!!

  [email protected]® 08:58 29 Aug 2005

Why has 'view my postings' been disabled?

  iscanut 09:05 29 Aug 2005

So slow and unresponsive over past days that I shall give up using it for the time being. Sorry about this, but I am wasting too much time waiting for something to happen after clicking on items.

  Stuartli 10:05 29 Aug 2005
  LastChip 11:40 29 Aug 2005

Yes from all of us. For a professionally run site, it's gone on for far too long.

I'm sure every effort has been made to cure the problem, but at the end of the day, it's had virtually zero effect. I wish I could help, but I don't have that kind of knowledge.

Some queries that I could answer, I don't bother with because of continual time outs.

There is a limit to everyone's patience.

  the kopite 13:25 29 Aug 2005

Its a crying shame guys for this is a good no not good great forum but like nuts I feel like giving up at present which is unlike me thanks for the response lads its stopped me ununstalling and reinstalling firefox kopite

  Happy Soul 13:31 29 Aug 2005

I'd had started feeling the same way about giving up for a while but things for me this morning have speeded up.

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