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  Pau1JB 11:31 22 May 2004

Ever since the site has been updated with the new style it takes me ages to load up one page.

a couple of minutes, and i have 512kb adsl.

why is this happening

  spuds 11:45 22 May 2004

This question as been asked on a few occassions lately.I think the new server and format arrangement is still being tweaked. Like anything new,there are usually some minor abnormalities to deal with. I tend to find downloading responses seems to have a go slow at times.If you notice, some post have repeated same reply responses, with an appology afterwards.

  TBH1 12:15 22 May 2004

wonder if its localised as its been quicker than ever for me - -

  Pau1JB 12:22 22 May 2004

it is very annoying, cause it takes me around 10 mins from receieving and email telling me some one has posted soemthing for me, clicking the link to the page, logining in and then displaying the page.

  Stuartli 12:30 22 May 2004

I have 56k dialup, a 400MHz Celeron and from the time of clicking on logon to opening two windows, one with the Helproom index and the other CustomerWatch, takes around 50 seconds to a minute maximum

  Graham ® 12:33 22 May 2004

Try it with Opera browser click here

  Taran 12:47 22 May 2004

Try to remember that every page request from every person will go via a different route through the internet to get to your PC.

It's a bit like traffic on your local roads. You may know half a dozen ways to get to the local shops, but you can never predict when a traffic bottleneck will occur or where it might be, and just because you start out in good time doesn't mean you will arrive in good time.

Site slowdowns happen for a lot of reasons and more often than not they can be due to one of the hop points in getting to your computer.

There are lots of other pitfalls of internet traffic which I shan't go into here because unless you're a geek like me it's worse than watching paint dry reading about it. Often though, the problems will be regional and in fact it is rarely the site itself that is at fault.

Suffice to say that I've just run a couple of quick checks and traffic from the PC Advisor site is taking no more hops than I would expect to reach me, so I strongly uspect that the problem is not site related but is something to do with the local network that serves certain areas for internet provision.

  Stuartli 14:08 22 May 2004

Just think of all the money I'm saving by not having broadband - £7.99 a month for up to 224 hours.....

  Forum Editor 14:18 22 May 2004

if our forum page takes two minutes to load there's a routing problem in your location, or somewhere along the route to your location - it's not a PCA server fault. I regularly get reports on loading times from several locations in the UK and from as far afield as America, The Far East and Australia. I was in New York this week and the site loaded as well there as it does here in London.

With our previous hardware/software configuration there were times when things slowed considerably, but since we've been running on our new server we're generally very pleased with the way the site performs.

  rawprawn 14:20 22 May 2004

I am adsl,and I have had no trouble loading, but I have had emails saying there is a response to my posting when I haven't posted anything. However yesterday I had 5 responses to a posting and when I went to look the posting had disappeared altogether. I think it's the X Files.

  end 14:58 22 May 2004

as you have raised it;literally where in the world ARE people accessing the site from???? have wondered this for some time.....

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