SiSoft Sandra

  Scouse 20:52 03 Feb 2003

Just used this utility for the very first time and have to say i am Impressed!

I have always avoided this kind of utility, sceptical Git that I am.

Having followed a few of the tips after a system analysis I have noticed a considerable difference in my rather "long in the tooth" system.

Anyone like me who shy's away from these util's, give it a go.

Chuffed to bits!


  Djohn 21:50 03 Feb 2003

Scouse, nice one! :o)

  Scouse 22:20 03 Feb 2003

Happiness is Sandra.

She is Good!

  leo49 22:31 03 Feb 2003

Don't take everything she says as Gospel, she tends to fib quite a lot!

Aid32,however,seems to speak the truth.


  Wrinkles 22:38 03 Feb 2003

I agree with Leo, when I first met her, sandra insisted that I had an AMD cpu when I knew it was a Cyrix, I've never believed her since. Aida32 on the other hand is better and ITS FREE.

  spuds 00:26 04 Feb 2003

Depending on which SiSoft Sandra version that you are using, can lead to both good and bad information results.If you are using a cover disk version,you will find that a number of modules have been deleted.

  GOBEEN 00:35 04 Feb 2003

Hi PPL.CAN I have the add.for AID 32. GOBEEN. ta.

  leo49 00:38 04 Feb 2003

click here


  GOBEEN 01:03 04 Feb 2003

Thanks Leo 49,GOBEEN

  Scouse 01:54 04 Feb 2003

Now I know why I put this thread up!

Users, your input is valuable as always.


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