Single Sided or Double Sided Memory Dimms

  Fried~Chips 22:15 01 Oct 2008

Hello & Evening all.

Can someone tell me if there is a advantage to using Single Sided Memory "versus" Double Sided memory Dimms please.

Thanks for you postings

  DieSse 22:40 01 Oct 2008

It's not so much advantage, but the fact that in some situations "single-sided" won't work.

"SingleĀ· and "Double" sided is not necessarily down to chips on one side or another - but the type of chips and the addressing schema.

The important thing with RAM is reputable design, construction and chip quality. There are 3 grades of RAM, generally speaking.

Grade 1 is full specification chips from a branded manufacturer, on JDEC specified boards, built and fully tested by a major brand name.

Grade 2 may use good quality parts, but not built be a known brand name. They may not be tested to full margins, may use lower than JDEC quality boards.

Grade 3 (sometimes called OEM grade) may have chips that failed full margin tests - very unlikely to be on full spec boards (may have less smoothing/decoupling capacitors) and assembled by who knows.

  Fried~Chips 23:31 01 Oct 2008

Good to hear from you again. Talking about a problem with a machine I put together 2 years ago where I used single Sided ram and friend has mentioned GPFs blue screens every now and again.

Today just realised that motherboard states Double sided for DDR333 if used & not single sided. Think its something called chip density being posh.

Anyway, to be fair I am going to replace his memory and want to make sure I get it right this time. I always use Crucial which is usually Micron memory or Samsung but I need to specify Double sided. Because of the price I might as well give hime DDR400 Double sided which is correct the other thing which I did manage to get right was x3 dimm slots and using SS or DS in the correct slots.

I thought nothing of it as the machine booted and meory passed MemTest so I got the bible out and walla. Carn't understand why I missed it the first time, possible exam cramming at the time.

Thank you DieSse for your call and your knowledge, always the one to listen to cos you know. Sorry creeping again.

  MarvintheAndroid 08:36 02 Oct 2008

Similarly, some machines have problems running dual channel mode with certain configurations of double sided RAM. However, I would have expected it to show problems from day one if it was a compatibility issue, not 2 years later.

Later BIOS upgrades often fix these issues anyway.

Sounds like your after sales service is excellent, perhaps I'll have you build my systems in future !


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