Single laptop--acer--2 screens wanted on 1 monitor

  driving man 16:49 06 Dec 2007

Good afternoon all

My laptop is capable ( Acer XP media centre) of running 2 screens on the same monitor but for the life of me cannot remember hot to set this up.

As usual thanks in advance


  rossgolf 17:00 06 Dec 2007

there is a spliter in which the link was in another forum post i cnt remeber which one though

  rossgolf 17:01 06 Dec 2007

found it
click here

  driving man 17:06 06 Dec 2007

Rossgolf , I think you misunderstand me.
I have one laptop that has in the past shown 2 spreadsheets etc on one monitor screen --- looking at your kind link it appears to connect 2 monitors to one PC

  Taff™ 17:35 06 Dec 2007

driving man means two Windows "arranged" on his monitor so he can quickly drag and drop data from say, one spreadsheet to a Word document or vice versa. One way of doing this is to open two instances of Excel and "Restore Down" by clicking on the top right window button between minimize and close down. The resize the window to half or the available screen size. Similarly repeating with your other programme.

If you want to do this between two Excel spreadsheets it can be done within Excel. Open both spreadsheets and select Windows>Arrange and select an option. In Word it is similar select Window>Arrange All and you have one inactive and one passive window on your screen.

Also remember the very simple key shortcut Alt + Tab key which will quickly swap you between windows. Hold down the Alt key without releasing it and press the Tab key once to display other windows. Use the tab key again (Still holding the Alt key with your left thumb!) to select the window you want and release the keys when you have the one you want. A quick Alt + Tab (& release keys) switches you to the last window you were using.

  driving man 18:03 06 Dec 2007

Taff,mate have you checked it out
PS should be at watering hole tomorrow pm

  brundle 18:11 06 Dec 2007

If you want to put two windows of any kind on screen, sharing equal space, make sure they are the only windows on screen at all (everything else minimised), right click taskbar, select Arrange Windows Horizontally/Vertically. Similar to Taff's method but the sizing is done for you

  Jake_027 19:15 06 Dec 2007

I think you mean acer gridvista? Look for it in start>all programs>acer (i think) or acer gridvista and run that. If you can't find it let us know what laptop model it is and we can try and find a download link for it.

  driving man 10:46 07 Dec 2007

Jake ok thanks it seems to work as gridvista is enabled

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