Single copy of XP - how many computers?

  dracsville 16:46 13 Jul 2007

Is it against the regs to have XP installed on more than one computer in a private household..?

  brundle 16:51 13 Jul 2007

Only if you are using the same CD and license key for each one.

  skidzy 17:01 13 Jul 2007

" Single copy of XP - how many computers? "

Just the one computer.

  Totally-braindead 17:47 13 Jul 2007

One, if you install it on a second PC using the same serial number it will fail validation because the serial number is already being used.

  birdface 01:32 14 Jul 2007

I may have this wrong,But I am sure someone will tell me, But as far as I know you are allowed one Desktop and One laptop to run with one Windows XP product.

  Strawballs 06:01 14 Jul 2007

One XP Licence one machine

  Simsy 06:45 14 Jul 2007

I think you'll find that what you say is OK for "Office", or any of it's components, Word, Excel, etc, but not the operating system.



  @[email protected]!c 07:39 14 Jul 2007

Buteman.i also heard about that rumor or is it ?kind regards akanic

  birdface 07:58 14 Jul 2007

Sorry I may have got it wrong.I may have been thinking of something else,Like Anti-Virus or something like that.So ignore my last post.Getting a bit senile in my old age.

  dracsville 09:49 14 Jul 2007

Ok! ok! so I won't try it..! lol... thanks guys.

  bjh 11:25 14 Jul 2007

It is, indeed, varieties of Office that this applies to. The concept behind this is that you are only using one copy of office at any one time, whereas the OS is used by the computer "all the time" in order to work. Conceptually, it does make some sense.

Student & teacher Office can be installed on up to 3 machines, I believe.

With the XP operating system, if you only have one code, you can only install it on one machine.

Hope this helps.

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