Sims Game Start brings up Printer Software?

  Tony_B 22:34 10 May 2005

I recently installed a copy of Sims Deluxe on my girlfriends computer. Using the screen that comes up to allow installation proved useless, everytime I clicked 'Install' the computer brought up a new window for the scanning option of the Epsom 420 multi-function.

I eventually installed the game by accessing the internal files and hitting setup.

Once installed I added Sims dating on to the original package. I had the same trouble with the install buttom and used the setup icon in the game files.

Everything installed ok, and I tested the game and it opened fine.

Now when you hit game start icon in the programs menue the printer scanner software starts.

What is going on here? I assume that the link for the start and install buttons was incorrect, but I don't know how to correct this.

Any Idea's?

P4 3.0, XP Home, 512 Ram, 128mb Graphics card.

  timeteam2004 22:54 10 May 2005

First right click on the icon and select properties and see what software it points to. If it is wrong change the path to the game exe instead.

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