simply & graphics card

  GraemeD 09:52 16 Aug 2003

On Tuesday, I received a computer from 'Simply'. The graphics card does not appear to be working, device manager doe not recognise it nor does detect new hardware. I've been waiting more than two days for an E-Mail from 'Simply'. I don't want to take the case off without some sort of written permission from 'Simply'.
How do I stand on this legally ?

  DieSse 09:58 16 Aug 2003

It's not quite as simple as it appears - the graphics card clearly is working, or you wouldn't have a useable display on your screen - and clearly you have.

What exactly does it say for the display card in Device manager? - maybe the correct drivers are not loaded for some reason.

How does your screen look? - this may give a clue as to what's wrong.

Has it been like this from the forst moment you switched on? - if is has, the responsibility is with Simply, but it may be easier to recify yourself if it's only a driver issue.

  GraemeD 10:23 16 Aug 2003


Last time I spoke to Simply, They asked me to look at 'display properties', under 'adapter information' I get:

chip type - unavailable
DAC type - unavailable
Memory Size - unavailable
Adapter string - unavailable
BIOS information - unavailable

I've installed the latest drivers. Yes, the responsiblity is with 'Simply', however, the computer will have to be 'returned to base'. If I
can fix the problem myself it would be easier. And Yes, I've got a display but nothing requiring any 3D (i.e. games) will run.
thanks for your reply.

  DieSse 10:29 16 Aug 2003

Can you tell me what adapter type is listed please, in Device Manager.

What card should it be (or is it on-board)?

Asl try going into the case (mains power OFF AT THE PLUG first please), and take the card out of it's socket, and push it firmly back in again (if it's a card).

  GraemeD 10:38 16 Aug 2003

Adapter Listed is VgaSave (!). Also.....
Device type - Non-plug and play drivers
Manufacturer - unknown
location - unknown
working properly.

It should be a NVIDIA FX5900 ultra. I don't want to open the case without permission from 'Simply'.


  DieSse 18:16 16 Aug 2003

"I don't want to open the case without permission from 'Simply'."

It's your system, you own it, you don't need their permission. They cannot invalidate your warrnaty for looking inside your own case.

In Device Manager, remove the graphics adapter - reboot, and see what happens when windows redetects it.

  nawab 18:27 16 Aug 2003

use sisoft sandra which will detect card driver manufacturer and then download latest drivers from manufacturers wbsite

  GraemeD 12:51 17 Aug 2003


Sorry for the delay in replying to your posting.

I disabled the video adapter, rebooted and got a blank screen. So I did a complete restore from my restore disk & the graphics drivers installed successfully !

Unfortunately, I have also had to reinstall everything else (I have all the disks so its no real problem). However, when I installed Norton Internet Security, it didn't function properly & prevented my access to the internet.

Of course, when I removed it & accessed the internet, I couldn't download the Security Patch fast enough to prevent msblaster infecting my computer (again).

I have now removed msblaster & installed the patch, everything seems to be fine (I still need to check out Norton Internet Security but..)

Anyway, thanks for all your time.


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