SimpleViewer problems.

  MadeOfStone 03:02 26 May 2005

Hello, has anyone out there used SimpleViewer ( click here ) on their webpage? When I put it on my page it doesn't load up, I just got oddly spaced redexs (well, FF equivalent) in the top left corner. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I've got all the file names identical.

  Eric10 12:44 26 May 2005

I've just downloaded it from your link and this is how I've got it working. The downloaded file unzips to a folder called SimpleViewer_v17. Inside this folder are two subfolders called images and thumbs. I made copies of 13 of my pictures to keep the originals safe and then resized the copies to 480x360 pixels for landscape shots or 360x480 for portrait layout and saved them as standard jpegs in the images folder. Then I resized for thumbnails to 60x45 pixels (45x60 for portrait) and saved these as standard jpegs in the thumbs folder with the same filenames. Back in the SimpleViewer_v17 folder I opened imageData.xml in Notepad and changed the default image filename of 115-1503_IMG.jpg between the <NAME></NAME> tags to correspond with the 13 different names of my images. Double-clicked index.html and it worked first time. In the imageData.xml file you can duplicate a section starting with <IMAGE> and ending with </IMAGE> to add extra pictures (adding your own picture's filename) or delete any that may be unused and can also change the Captions.

I haven't uploaded to the web but if you stick to the folder structure there shouldn't be any problem. Hope this helps in some way.

  MadeOfStone 12:53 27 May 2005

Thanks a lot mate, I appreciate your effort and that you're not a pro with it as you just downloaded it.

Any ideas now that I thought it was working but when I open the index it loads up thumbnail frames, the correct amount but won't load the actual thumbs? It also just stays on a 0% loaded bar instead of loading a picture, like this:

<A href="click here>Example</a>

  MadeOfStone 12:54 27 May 2005


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