Simple Wireless Setup Gone Wrong!

  mcdond 22:30 04 Jan 2008

This is my problem,
I have a Broadband modem and a Wireless G Rouer.

On my desktop i ahve my modem installed and it connects to my 8mb broadband fine. I have my wireless router connect as well and my laptop can join the wireless lan!!

All good so far :)

My laptop connects to the wireless but wont connect to the internet. Im guessing i have to do some settings with my WIreless G Router.
It gives me the following settings to change but i dont no which one to change!! These are the options it gives me!

Under WAN
Static IP Address
Dynamic IP Address

And also it has LAN settings.

Help would be FANTASTIC!!!

  Kemistri 22:45 04 Jan 2008

That reads as if you have an ADSL (or perhaps cable) modem into a desktop PC, with a router going to the same PC, and a notebook PC trying to get WAN access from the router.

Which simply won't work. If that's an ADSL modem, lose it and replace the router with a modem/router. If it's a cable modem, stick it into the router, not any PC. Then you'll be most of the way there.

  mcdond 22:52 04 Jan 2008

the network was working previous to me touching it :( I formated my pc this is why I am setting this up again.

The router is a Edimax Wireless-G Broadband Router. With 1 WAN slot and 4 lan ports.

and i get my internet through ADSL USB model dial up. Does this help ?

Im lost :(

  Kemistri 23:05 04 Jan 2008

Well, formatting a client PC cannot have any effect on a router, obviously. Concentrate on what can change - network adapters and client firewalls.

  mcdond 23:14 04 Jan 2008

My client pc is the Router because it dials the Adsl Modem and connects to the internet. And i connect my wireless router to my pc so I can share the internet. But Im not sure how to configire my wireless router so it shares my internet from my client pc which is the internet source.

  Kemistri 23:17 04 Jan 2008

No; your router is a host. All routers are hosts and the members of the LAN - the PCs and other devices - are clients. All clients share the same position in the hierarchy.

  mcdond 23:22 04 Jan 2008

Ok fair enough. I just cant think straight. been trying to get this figured out for hours now :(

So what would you recommend I do, my computer atm is connected to the internet from my adsl modem. but i want to share it using my wireless router.

I hope this helps as I can see from my previous posts I havnt been very clear!!!

  Kemistri 23:28 04 Jan 2008

As I wrote previously, unless you have actually reconfigured the modem/router, then it cannot be to blame. Unless it has decided to fail in an unfortunate coincidence. So make sure that your clients' network adapters are working correctly and that any software firewalls are configured properly. Check your wires. Obvious, I hope, but make sure that the ADSL modem is uninstalled once you have finished testing with it and ensure that the clients are configured to use a LAN rather than a modem.

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